Snowing Blessings

Last Sunday a non-member came to church with a friend she met at UVU.
He’s a Returned Missionary and she was going through a hard time, so
he started just sharing his belief about things and eventually she
wanted go to church. So we chatted with her and set up an appointment
to meet with her. When we met with her, we found out she is freaking
awesome! She had read all the way to Jacob 5 and has been praying a
lot. As we were talking things were just clicking. She is so excited
to learn. We were about to put her on date for baptism, but I
mentioned the gift of the Holy Ghost and she was like “oh, you get
that when you’re baptized right, I wish I could be baptized, but I
know it’ll probably be a while until I’m ready for that.” How about
January 28th? She was so excited. Aubrey.

Many other great things have been happening. The snow is great, the 0
degree weather wasn’t, we’re meeting more people, there are more
members getting involved with the work. It’s just all going well!

My new motto when things aren’t going well is:
Don’t complain.

Love y’all
Elder Dolan


And a Happy New Year

Hello everyone!

One day while we were just going around and contacting Referrals and
visiting members we bumped into Broden.
Broden all of a sudden stopped talking to us for a week, but when we
saw him he apologized. He said he had been super depressed that week
and never once left his room. Eventually he had a conversation with
his dad and it helped him a lot. Broden is super smart and as we talk
he’ll like come to realization and will say things that sound similar
to scriptures. That’s the spirit at work. It’s so great to be able to
see these people grow.
We also had a lesson with Carlos again. He is super interested and
wants to learn, but we brought up real intent and now we see there is
going to be an issue. He said that he’s never thought what he’d do if
he got an answer the church was true. He talked about how he doesn’t
think he could really go with it unless he had something tangible that
he absolutely couldn’t deny. Then he said even then, he doesn’t know
if he could be sure. So we talked about faith and it’s roll in our

Not much time, but, I just want to say I love my mission. It’s helped
me grow so much and I love the people I’ve been able to meet. Most
importantly I’ve come to actually understand the gospel, at least more
than I did. I had so many questions before my mission about things
that didn’t make sense to me. Then slowly but surely, like dew
collecting, I’ve learned more and things have clicked. I still have
questions, but answers consistently come, and I love it.
Gospel is true.
This is Christ’s Church
I love y’all
Elder Dolan

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
This Christmas was great! I got to talk to my family, and we got to
spend a lot of time with different families! Christmas on a mission is
a unique experience and I’m going to miss it. It’s was cool to have it
on Sunday as well. We had a hour church service with the YSA Stake. We
had all four of our wards there and almost no one showed up, since
most went to their families’ wards. There was a whole bunch of musical
numbers and some awkward moments, because it’s YSA, so it was grand.

The past two weeks have been a blur. We’ve been so busy and I just
feel mentally burnt out. It’s been super hard to be a normal human
being because I just can’t focus and I’m nauseous a lot. It’s been
super weird, but ups be chillin’ out here soon.

I love YSA because so many people are so awkward. Awkward moments
daily, it’s awesome. Also, the people we talk to are at the point in
their life where they’re looking for direction, so everyone’s a lot
more genuine- I love it!
We are teaching quite a few people right now. There’s one guy, Broden,
a less active who is a super good guy and super analytical. There are
somethings that he’s really struggled with in the gospel, but he
really wants to understand. He’s decided to go full force for 6 months
to see if he can figure it out. Another guy, Carlos, an investigator
who is also super analytical, sought us out and we just started
teaching him. He’s practiced Islam for a while when living in Dubai,
and read the whole Koran, but he grew up Catholic. He’s mostly
interested in learning about different faiths, but he really likes the
structure of the church and the devotion the members show. It’s been
really cool teaching people like this.

We live with two other Elders, the APs, and one went to seminary with
me back home. Fernando Velez. It’s been really cool having other
people in the apartment. Never quiet, a lot of fun.

I’m having a great time and enjoying every minute.
I’ve been studying a lot about Jesus Christ in the Topical Guide and
it’s been crazy really seeing the nature of Christ. The way he
interacts with people and teaches.

Got to run
Love y’all
Do good, be good
Elder Dolan

Packin’ on up

I’m getting Transfered, again! Out of the past 5 Transfers I’ve been
Transfered 4 times. I’m just too much to handle for longer, haha.
So, I’m going to be covering 4 YSA wards out in Taylorsville with an
Elder Ferren. I am super excited to be with Elder Ferren, he’s like
the ideal missionary. He’s super humble, obedient, hard working. I
look forward to learning a lot from him.
I am sad to be leaving the Tongan Stake, but the new Elders coming in
are going to do great, so I’m not too worried. I’ve picked up a little
bit of Tongan, so I’m happy. I can count to a hundred, I know the
colors, and I know how to threaten someone and call them not nice
names. You know, the usual things you learn. Haha
This week has been pretty slow. Elder Kulikefu goes home tomorrow
morning, so we said some good byes to people. We had like 10 lessons,
which is the most we had all transfer, so it was a good last week. I
love “Kuli” and I’m gonna miss him. I’ve learned heaps from him.
Although, I won’t miss hearing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” a couple
times everyday (Both the Rascal Flats and Pentatonix versions- just so
it doesn’t get tiring…) haha. There’s also a song that starts off
saying “boarding for Hawaiian airlines” blah blah blah and then the
song goes “I’m packing my bags, I’m ready to go” haha. I don’t know
where he found that one. Mele Kelikimaka, Elder. 🙂
This week I found a talk by Hyrum W. Smith called “Why 1820?” Its
super good. He goes through different dates from Jesus’ birth past
1820 to show that there was an apostasy and how each church started
and his big point is that the Restoration couldn’t of happened any
other time. Maybe later, but not earlier. The saints barely were able
to survive even at that time. They had to run to mountainous desert
with a big salt lake just to actually exercise their freedom of
Worth a read, worth a peruse.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is his church once
again restored to the earth
God loves y’all

Elder Dolan

RASpberry BANDwith

This week we had a mission visit with Elder Rasband. It was amazing.
He was joined by Richard J. Maynes of the Presidency of the Seventy
and Elder Borne of the Presiding Bishopric. They spoke on a lot of
things, but it all focused on “keeping your line in the water” and
“the more you learn about the Savior, the more your love of him
increases, the more your willingness and desire grows to serve him”.
Elder Rasband spoke with power and the spirit was so strong.
Two missionaries were invited at the beginning of the meeting to get
up and bare their testimony to all the missionaries and Elder Rasband.
Well, one was not me, but the other was. My eyes got huge when it was
announced and it took me a second to process, but it was all good.
It was a great opportunity. Once I got up I wasn’t nervous at all,
though my knees and hands seemed to disagree. As I spoke it hit me how
I’ve changed. I am still the nerdy, goofy, annoying kid, but I’m
completely different. I can honestly say I’m happy, while before my
mission, that certainly wasn’t true. I feel like I am truly myself and
that has come to realization as I’ve come to know the Savior.
The Gospel is a true.
Christ’s Church has been restored.
The apostles truly are ordained of God.
Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet.
I love you all,
Elder Dolan

Please no.

To start off with the subject line. I just got in a wreck! My fault-
it’s snowing bad and I was going like 20 and slid foreeevvverr! I hit
the guy in front of me, but God loves me, so it was an RM of 8 weeks
and  neither car got damaged. So it’s all good!

This week has been great. Thanksgiving was awesome. We got to spend it
with some really good families! And I got Otai! I love otai. It’s like
a crushed fruit drink with condensed milk and stuff. We also played
football for a couple hours in the morning. I thought I broke
something like 5 times- just a few bruises, so we’re good! Touch is a
relative term in touch football, haha.

I’ve also been really sick all week, but I just lived off a steady
stream of Tylenol and tried to keep a positive attitude. We luckily
got a lot of set up. We don’t have a whole bunch going on right now,
but we’re coming up with different ideas. This is such a unique area!

We did have lesson with an excommunicated member and we talked to him
about repentance. He seems to have a good understanding of everything
in the gospel, except forgiveness. He had a question along the lines
of if he can be forgiven. Yes, yes, yes! The Lord expects us to mess
up. His plan involves those mess ups! We are here to learn joy, which
consists of learning the sweetness of righteousness and the bitterness
of sin.
D&C 58
42 Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and
I, the Lord, remember them no more.

Love y’all!
Elder Dolan

Fu’u lahi me’akai

Malo elele fāmili mo kaungāme’a!

I love the Tongan Stake! It’s still slow, but we’re finding people!
We’re now meeting with a group of Roomates Sela, Emma, and Veni.
They’re really awesome, they were from one my past areas, Hunter East
Stake. They use to take Elder Hunt and I out a lot. We tried to do
lessons with them back then, but some things came up and then they had
to leave for Hawai’i. Now they’re back and Sela and Emma want to come
back to church, and Veni is willing to listen. So it’s a good time.

We’ve met a lot of people that way, just Polynesians we remember from
past areas, haha. It’s hard to find people, so we try anything we can
think of. Know anyone?

One thing I’m struggling with is listening. A lot of people have
really thick accents and odd syntax and I just struggle so much to
understand what they’re saying. I’ll ask a few clarifying questions to
see if I can figure it out and then I give up- hoping it’s not too
important. Luckily, a lot of people repeat themselves out here, and I
don’t just mean just once or twice, like 10 times. One guy told us
about his nephew and explained his story like 7 times over the course
of thirty minutes. It’s really weird, I never know how to respond, do
I repeat myself… are you looking for a different response? Haha.
It’s good time though- the people are great whether or not I can
understand them. They’re all so kind and giving and he kids are crazy
and a load of fun.

All is well in Zion. I’m having a good time and loving it out here.
Love you all!
Elder Dolan

Oh, and it snowed this week. God loves me though, so I have a car.

Malo Elele!

Hello my friends!

Real quick. I’m loving the Tongan Stake and I lied about the
boundaries. The Stake goes really far, but we only cover 5 of the 21
wards. We just cover Tooele, Magna, and West Valley. We live in a
Senior Living Center- it’s pretty sweet. We go to the gym every
morning as Vasa, which is nice- it means I won’t get “feti”. The first
couple of days I didn’t really like this area, but that was mostly
like a culture shock. Just the way they think is different and the way
they communicate. I’m starting to get it though. One problem is that
half the time my companion is speaking to the people in Tongan and I
have no idea what’s ever going on, haha. I’ll hear the, say palangi
(white person) and I’m like “oh, they’re talking about me” then they
laugh, then I feel self conscious. I am too “si’i si’i” or small, so
they all tell me I need to eat more. On that note- I love dinners
here. In one week we’ve received $200 instead of people feeding us.
The first day they gave us a fifty. It’s crazy. They are all very
I love church, everyone sings loudly and does a lot of harmony- good time.
My grammar has also gotten a lot worse. Like I gave a talk in one of
the wards, and I said things in the wrong tense and mix up words, but
I was realizing I was just picking up how a lot of the more
traditional Tongans speak.

I’m having a good time and loving life!
We had a pday Activity and it was all focused on being vulnerable and
opening up- it was awesome, but so awkward. A guy came in and he has
designed a program for work places and such (a missionaries is meeting
with him, so he offered). We had to do things like tell someone your
deepest insecurity, or what’s something that is an internal struggle.
Man, crazy stuff got said. We also had an exercise where we had to
stare into another persons eyes for 4 minutes. It was awkward. The big
thing I pulled from it though is that we’re all so flawed. We all have
huge struggles and we put on these masks, because we think others will
think less of us. If we could be more open I think we’d all be a lot
more happier.

Ofa atu! (Love you in Tongan)
Elder Palangi Dolan


So, we got transfer calls and Elder Wilcox is staying and TRAINING!
For those who don’t remember, E. Wilcox has been out for only 6 weeks.
They’re gonna have a blast!
Then I am going to the Tongan Utah Stake. Which boundaries are like
the whole salt lake valley. I go almost up to Ogden on the north and
almost to Park City on the east, then I cover the Tooele Valley as
well apparently. So it’s going to be a fun time. Plus I only cover 5
wards!!! Hallelujah! Can I get an amen? Amen!

So, for the important stuff.
First, I found out last Pday, that I can still shop in the boys
section. Today I’m reppin my size 18 Boys Walmart jeans. Better styles
and better prices!

Second, but really first.
Jace got baptized! Jace has been an awesome kid, he’s 11, and he has
such a great understanding. It’s funny though, he’ll forget he knows
something and just say the Holy Ghost as a panic answer. He freakin
cute, haha.

Besides that, there’s a lot of good stuff going on here. We have a new
family that wants to be baptized and sealed. And we have 3 people who
are actively working toward getting baptized. This area is so blessed
and I’ve loved every minute of it.

There was an article that I read the other day from and it’s
about using Christ in our life. The writer says if you see the
equation me+more=Christlike you’re going to fall short. You’re going
to feel like you’re never going to be where you want. But if you
change the equation the me+Christ=more that’s when we begin to have
true joy, instead of trying to be more and than use Christ, we need
Christ every step of the way. One of my favorite quotes from General
Conference was something like Repentance isn’t the backup plan, it’s
THE plan.

Do good be good,
Love y’all!
Elder Dolan


Hello all!

This week, as always, has been a blast!
We had a huge blessing this week. So, about a month ago I messed up
and sent a text that was meant for a Ward Mission Leader to someone we
were teaching. It didn’t say anything really that should of been
offensive, but she was very unhappy with us, well me, haha. So through
the month we’ve stopped by and dropped off cookies and such, but she
avoided us pretty hard. So, we just gave up on it. Then this week she
sent us a text asking how we we’re doing! So we texted a bit and she
said she missed having us over and is really needing the gospel more
in her life! So we had a lesson and found out she misread our text and
we just figured everything out, and now she’s coming to church and
We also met with our mission president his week. He told me I’ll be
transferred out my area when transfers come up and I’m really going to
be excited about what he has in store for me. Which is bittersweet. I
love this area, but it just means I get to meet more people!
Today has been awesome. It’s an all day pday, so this morning we did
bubble soccer (soccer in those big hamster ball type things. Then we
went around Visiting some awesome families from my past area and now
we’re all chilling at a church, playing volleyball, basketball, and
watching movies.
Something that came to mind the other day was the Provo City Center
Temple Dedication from… a while ago. Someone said something about
how CTR stands for Choose the Right and also it could mean Current
Temple Recommend. He said that that’s the best indication for us on
our we’re doing. Are we living worthy of a temple recommend? I really
wish we could go to the Temple more often. I’ve really been craving
the temple, go for me!

Love y’all!
Elder Dolan