Coming to a Close

I’d like to say I’ll send out and email next week, but I don’t trust myself that much. So this may be the last, we’ll see.
I have loved my mission so much. I really truly don’t feel like it’s ending, but that’s what they tell me. So many great things have happened this past while.
First off Mark Barrett got baptized this past Saturday. It was crazy. His baptism got moved from last week to this week then had to have two time changes and it was super frustrating, but it worked out at the end and was fantastic. Afterwards we went out with him and got Pho which made it that much better, haha.
President Christensen of the Presidency of the Seventy came and vistied. My companion and I got to have 3 different meetings with him. He is a powerful guy. Really big too. He told me to not get trunky. True wisdom right there. Haha
My mission really has been the greatest experience of my life so far. I have not loved every minute of it, or do I feel the need to pretend to, but in all I’ve grown so much. Obviously not physically, I still look like I’m 14, but Spiritually. I was really really depressed for as long as I can remember. Since 4th grade I struggled with suicidal thoughts and just really didn’t like myself. I really just kept hoping that something would change, but it didn’t, until my mission. Somewhere around 6 months when I went to Stansbury Park I noticed a lot of change. I had a really hard companion, so I started fasting multiple times a week. I prayed a lot more and did so more sincerely. I studied the Book of Mormon more intently. There wasn’t one moment of change. Like Elder Bednar says, it was more like a sunrise. Gradually and not perceptible from one second to the next, but now I feel like I can say I am a “new creature in Christ”. The changes haven’t stopped, and hopefully won’t ever. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true. It changes lives. I’ve seen it in others, and now I see it in mine. I revere Joseph Smith for his role in the Restoration and through him I’ve been brought closer to Christ. I am still my weird, goofy, annoying self, but I am now a happy, weird, goofy, annoying self.
Love you all.
Do good, be good.
Elder Dolan

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