Three is a charm

Ahhh, I love my mission.
This week has been chalk full of great things!
We’ve been meeting with Mark often, even went to temple square. He is
really dedicated to everything. He’s a little weird at times, but a
good time. He is getting baptized this Saturday.
We took him and Carlos (our long term investigator), and a soon to be
missionary to the Saturday Afternoon Session. It was super awesome,
and I ran into a few familiar faces! I really loved General
Conference. There were so many talks that really stuck with me, but
both Christofferson and Eyring just gave me a lot to think about. The
last session would have been SO perfect for Carlos, but he had to take
care of some work stuff. He’s said he’ll watch it through the week
John Bytheway, a somewhat well know LDS speaker came and talked to our
YSA Stake. He talked about different questions. Gotcha, Google, and
Golden Question. Gotcha are questions that are seeking to increase
understanding, Google is for information, and Golden is for Wisdom.
For Golden questions we need to go to God.
If any of you lack wisdom let him ask of God.
If any of you lack information let him ask of Google.
He said a lot of good stuff, but that what stood out.
We also are talking with the Director of the LDS Institute at Salt
Lake Community College about doing a booth on campus with a
presentation of the first three lessons and stuff on religious freedom
and the church’s humanitarian efforts. We hope to attract a lot of
student. It’ll be done with the other two companionships, so it should
be fun!
On exchanges we ran into this family moving and helped for 3 hours and
then taught all 15 people (living in the 3 bedroom apartment) about
the restoration. It felt like the sermon on the mount. They were
excited about it and will be having missionaries in Georgia stop by.
A few months ago this one lady asked us to come over to give her
husband a blessing. He was dying, had two strokes. So, in my blessing
I felt inspired to say that miracles would happen that week, and that
he would be healed. We stopped by yesterday. He as chipper as ever and
he was suppose to lose his eyesight apparently, but now he has 20-20.
Talk about a miracle.
A lot more has happened, many miracles.
Love y’all
Be good.
Elder Dolan


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