Hello Friends and Family,

Today thus far has been really great. We went to the Salt Lake Temple this morning with our Zone and it was fantastic(which is why our P-day is Wednesday this week). I really enjoy being able to go to the temple so often. Every time is different and new things pop out. Sometime arbitrary, but other times- it’s just so cool.
So this week.
We met with Mark on Saturday, and he wants to be baptized! His baptism is April 8th. He has a few commandments he’s going to have to figure out, but he’s just always so willing. In participates a lot in Sunday school and adds insight and it’s just really cool.
We also started meeting with a woman named Maelen (May-lin). She is super rad. She is 22 and recently divorced and has just started coming back to church. She has grown her testimony so much in just a short time. We have some fears though, haha. All the guys in the ward are clamoring over her, hopefully they don’t scare her off too quick. The bane of YSA.
We also had a meeting with our Mission President and some other missionaries. We talked about a lot of different things, but at one point we had some Returned Missionaries come in and they talked about how they adjusted to home life and things they wish they did better on their missions. It was really cool to see these missionaries again, and was a very timely training for me.
5 weeks. That’s it. I have 5 weeks to go full tilt.
I love my mission.
I love the Book of Mormon. Like for real though. That’s not just some like tagline or anything. I’m trying to finish the BoM before I go home ( I’m in like Alma 40) and going through it quicker has made me appreciate it so much more. The Book of Mormon really can help us with so much in our lives, even the small questions.
“The Church is true, The Book is Blue, and Moroni Stands on a ball” -Clayton Leavitt (Returned Missionary)
Love y’all,
Elder Dolan

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