This is an email

So, believe or not, I don’t have a lot of time, but this has been a great week!
Here’s my letter to President, cause that’s easier.

Our inquisitive investigator, Carlos, is making great strides. He told
us that one of the earlier times we met he felt something that could
be described as a warm fuzzy feeling or something, but without it
being consistent he is fearful to call it the spirit. So, we invited
him and quite a few members of the ward to fast for him. We haven’t
been able to talk about it to him yet, but I have a big testimony in
fasting and I’m sure there are going to be some changes.
We just started meeting with a new LA. Her name is Annikka. She has
had a pretty rocky past. She had to place her child for adoption and
has just struggled with that. But she said after we met she read 3
chapters and had a huge prayer answered and that just got her super
motivated. It’s been nice to see her change.
Mark, our newer investigator, is doing really well. He wasn’t feeling
well Sunday morning, but he “didn’t want to miss church”, so he came.
Great faith there.
We also just met a kid named Cole. Great Example of our WML finding
the right member. They both are into making music on their computer
and they both happen to like this less popular kind. So they clicked a
lot and now the member has taken over on the aspects of taking him to
church and everything. It’s pretty awesome!

In other news, we got transfer calls, I’m staying. I’m was so relieved
and I’m ready for these last 6 weeks.
We also hiked the Living Room today. It’s at the UofU and there are
chairs and stuff made out of the rocks there. I’m super burnt, but I
had a lot of fun. So that’s cool.
Do good, be good!
Love y’all!
Elder Dolan


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