Lucky 7

We got a new Elder in our Mission! His name is Elder Coco. He’s from
the Philippines and has been waiting for his Visa, well he finally got
it and came in. When we met him he hadn’t slept in 30 hours and hadn’t
eaten either, and then to add on he didn’t have any warm clothes. So
we took him out to buy stuff and then dropped him off with his
companions. He’s the coolest guy ever. He’s so sincere and excited for
the work.
Then he day after I got super sick. I was shaking really bad that
night and then I woke up drenched in sweat. Fun fun! Then for the rest
of the day I was just done. I would randomly get super cold and start
shaking and I felt like I was going to die. So cool. Then the next day
I was fine.
So beside that fun stuff we picked up a new guy, his name his Mark.
He’s really cool and really interested in the gospel. He has heard a
few people talk about it, but when we talked about the Restoration he
was just hooked in. He’s had a few like musculoskeletal diseases, so
he use to be in a wheelchair, but with a whole bunch of surgeries he’s
doing really well. He has also gotten in 4 motorcycle wrecks in the
past short while. Live life to its fullest I guess.
Things are going well all around. A lot of good things are coming up
and I’m loving my mission.
God is good!
Love y’all!
Elder Dolan


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