The True Converter

His week has been grand!
Carlos, are inquisitive friend has asked to now meet twice a week,
because he has so many questions! He’s taking everything increasingly
more serious. When we first met with him he was very very skeptical,
but a lot of that has seemed to go out the window. He’s been going to
Ward Visits (which is where active members (or Carlos) goes and
visited less-active members), gone to every FHE, service op, he just
took us out to a really nice Lebanese Restaurant, and he just asked us
about the dating culture in the church and is now planning on asking a
girl in the ward out on a date.
I love YSA.
Alondra dropped off the face of the world, which was sad, but she was
at church and we found out her phone has been dead, and she got a new
job with a weird schedule. She seems to love it!
Aubrey, our recent convert, just started Institute (religion classes),
also dating one of the members of the ward. She’s about to get her
Patriarchal Blessing and also a calling. Everything is just moving
fine and dandy.
We use to meet with this guy Masiel, who was recently reactivated, but
he would always ask really dumb questions, like things that didn’t
matter at all, so we stopped meeting with him for a while, but we felt
like taking him to temple square this past week, so we did. When we
were there he said he felt the spirit so strongly and told us how he
had prayed a couple days before about the Book of Mormon and felt a
super strong answer and now he knew it was true. Which is a complete
turn around. Before he would talk about everything from a philosophy
stand point and talk about how we can’t know truth and such, and now
he’s saying he KNOWS the church is true. It was super cool.
We also met a Makai and Teyona. They are close friends, and we met
Makai while visiting some other people, and we asked if we could stop
by a later time. She said yes, but when we texted to confirm she said
we probably didn’t want to meet with her, because she dropped out of
high school and is a single mom. We told her how we don’t really mind
about people’s past, and neither does God, and such things. We met
with her and her friend was there, and we talked about their past and
they both seemed really excited to learn more.
The Elder we live with have been talking about this guy that is just
awesome. He’s keeping commitments and excited to be baptized…
buuutt, they just found out he lives in our area, so we get to meet
him tomorrow, haha.
Then we met this guy that doesn’t really like the church, but his
girlfriend really wants to get back. They are both super into LARPing
and D&D, which the ward they’re in is full of nerds (I say that
lovingly :)) so they fit in perfectly. We’ve even talked about getting
a Dungeons and Dragons night going, because there are tons who play
it, but it appears that the first rule of D&D is the same as fight
Then, a really anticlimactic story for y’all. We met with this one guy
and he has a whole bunch of really really weird view of life, but like
we were cool with it, we talked about his ideas and applied them to
the gospel…. but then at the end, he let us in on his deepest
darkest secret. I don’t feel comfortable broadcasting it, but Elder
Wilcox and I were so stunned after. I felt like I needed to brush my
brain out, or take a shower. People tell us way too much as
Fun fun fun.
So this is super long. Sorry. So much is happening and I’m loving it.
There is certainly more. It’s been awesome to see the Gospel transform
people’s lives and enable them to have more choice.
“Happiness is not found. It’s created through wise and gracious use of
agency.” – Kevin Dolan
Love y’all
Elder Dolan

P.S. My President told me that I need to start planning for going
home. Jobs, school, relationships, etc. so any advice would be well
appreciated. I figured out that I have no idea what I’m doing with my

P.P.S “Assistant to President Palmer” Elder Velez just told me to send
out his email to all my cute lady friends…. Hahaha


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