This week has been eventful!

This week has been eventful!

We’ve been moving furniture, taking people to airports, done two exchanges, went to the hospital again, had Elder Christofferson of the 12 come and visit the Stake and then also Elder Pearson of the 70 visited for a Fireside. Then we also met and put an Alondra on date for baptism. She was kind of feeling down when we first met her, but she seems to just get progrssively more and more happy! She is getting baptized on the 25th. She is awesome!
This week has been super good and it has gone by so quickly and seems so long.
Elder Christofferson’s visit was really cool! There wasn’t a whole lot that stood out to me on a personal level, but there were so many things that our Investigator Carlos is struggling with that Christofferson talked about. It’s cool to see how revelation works. The things he talked weren’t super connected, but they all were really pertaining to Carlos and even Alondra.
He brought a great spirit and it his amazing to feel the power in his words.
Love y’all!

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