The ER and The Temple!

This week we went with Aubrey to the Salt Lake Temple to do baptisms for the dead! It was so awesome to see her excitement about everything. Afterwards we went through temple square and looked at the exhibits of the Prophets. As we explain what each prophet did things would just click and she would just light up.

Then Carlos, our long-term investigator is doing really well. He has been taking everything from a very skeptical view, but things seem to be clicking away. He’s probably more active then some of our members at this point. He goes to every activity, service opportunity, and will even go pickup other members to bring them to church.
We also just started meeting with a very sincere investigator Alondra. We thought she was a less-active when we talked to her and got everything setup, but we found she actually knows very little about the church. She seemed to have some problems with depression, but when she came to Sunday she seemed to just lightup!
The ER deal is that some Elder fell off his bike and fractured his wrist. So, we had to go take him to a Urgent Care. He was a pretty good sport about it. I’ll send pictures.
I love my mission so much now. Having so little time left I feel like I’m on overdrive! I’m so ready to just tell anyone who will listen. Sure some people don’t want to listen and that’s fine, but I’m going to make sure no opportunity passes.
God lives, Christ truly did atone for us, and the Gospel brings joy.
Love y’all!
Elder Dolan

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