T Minus 12 Weeks

So, there have been a few changes with our mission schedule, so now we
have 2 extra hours on P-day, which means I really have no excuse to
write anymore.
So! Cool stuff this week! First off! Aubrey Haber got baptized! She is
so awesome! She bore her testimony after her baptism and it was
amazing how powerful she is. From atheist to Mormon!
We have transfers today, Elder Ferren is leaving to go be a District
Leader in the Zone and will be training a new missionary, and then I
will be staying and will be getting (drumroll please) Elder Wilcox!
The father and the son are reunited! It’s been 3 months since we’ve
been companions, so it’ll be pretty fun!

I’ve learned so much this transfer. My understanding of the faith and
repentance has grown a lot. My understanding of how everything
connects in the gospel has grown. As I’ve been out longer the more I
learn and the more I realize I know so little.
We tried contacting a guy, but when we knocked the guy wasn’t there
anymore, but the family just instantly invited us in and was super
nice to us, so we assumed they were members. Then, after he asked a
whole bunch of questions about ourselves we found out he was an
evangelical. Evangelicals love the Bible a lot which sometimes to them
trying to bash with us, haha. So we had a long conversation about how
we reconcile our faith with the Bible and it was a lot of fun! We
stayed away from really bashing, we just testified of what we know and
we’re just nice about things. They invited us back over for dinner for
some smoked meats, so we look forward to that! Haha
I love my mission!

Elder Dolan


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