Snowing Blessings

Last Sunday a non-member came to church with a friend she met at UVU.
He’s a Returned Missionary and she was going through a hard time, so
he started just sharing his belief about things and eventually she
wanted go to church. So we chatted with her and set up an appointment
to meet with her. When we met with her, we found out she is freaking
awesome! She had read all the way to Jacob 5 and has been praying a
lot. As we were talking things were just clicking. She is so excited
to learn. We were about to put her on date for baptism, but I
mentioned the gift of the Holy Ghost and she was like “oh, you get
that when you’re baptized right, I wish I could be baptized, but I
know it’ll probably be a while until I’m ready for that.” How about
January 28th? She was so excited. Aubrey.

Many other great things have been happening. The snow is great, the 0
degree weather wasn’t, we’re meeting more people, there are more
members getting involved with the work. It’s just all going well!

My new motto when things aren’t going well is:
Don’t complain.

Love y’all
Elder Dolan


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