And a Happy New Year

Hello everyone!

One day while we were just going around and contacting Referrals and
visiting members we bumped into Broden.
Broden all of a sudden stopped talking to us for a week, but when we
saw him he apologized. He said he had been super depressed that week
and never once left his room. Eventually he had a conversation with
his dad and it helped him a lot. Broden is super smart and as we talk
he’ll like come to realization and will say things that sound similar
to scriptures. That’s the spirit at work. It’s so great to be able to
see these people grow.
We also had a lesson with Carlos again. He is super interested and
wants to learn, but we brought up real intent and now we see there is
going to be an issue. He said that he’s never thought what he’d do if
he got an answer the church was true. He talked about how he doesn’t
think he could really go with it unless he had something tangible that
he absolutely couldn’t deny. Then he said even then, he doesn’t know
if he could be sure. So we talked about faith and it’s roll in our

Not much time, but, I just want to say I love my mission. It’s helped
me grow so much and I love the people I’ve been able to meet. Most
importantly I’ve come to actually understand the gospel, at least more
than I did. I had so many questions before my mission about things
that didn’t make sense to me. Then slowly but surely, like dew
collecting, I’ve learned more and things have clicked. I still have
questions, but answers consistently come, and I love it.
Gospel is true.
This is Christ’s Church
I love y’all
Elder Dolan


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