Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!
This Christmas was great! I got to talk to my family, and we got to
spend a lot of time with different families! Christmas on a mission is
a unique experience and I’m going to miss it. It’s was cool to have it
on Sunday as well. We had a hour church service with the YSA Stake. We
had all four of our wards there and almost no one showed up, since
most went to their families’ wards. There was a whole bunch of musical
numbers and some awkward moments, because it’s YSA, so it was grand.

The past two weeks have been a blur. We’ve been so busy and I just
feel mentally burnt out. It’s been super hard to be a normal human
being because I just can’t focus and I’m nauseous a lot. It’s been
super weird, but ups be chillin’ out here soon.

I love YSA because so many people are so awkward. Awkward moments
daily, it’s awesome. Also, the people we talk to are at the point in
their life where they’re looking for direction, so everyone’s a lot
more genuine- I love it!
We are teaching quite a few people right now. There’s one guy, Broden,
a less active who is a super good guy and super analytical. There are
somethings that he’s really struggled with in the gospel, but he
really wants to understand. He’s decided to go full force for 6 months
to see if he can figure it out. Another guy, Carlos, an investigator
who is also super analytical, sought us out and we just started
teaching him. He’s practiced Islam for a while when living in Dubai,
and read the whole Koran, but he grew up Catholic. He’s mostly
interested in learning about different faiths, but he really likes the
structure of the church and the devotion the members show. It’s been
really cool teaching people like this.

We live with two other Elders, the APs, and one went to seminary with
me back home. Fernando Velez. It’s been really cool having other
people in the apartment. Never quiet, a lot of fun.

I’m having a great time and enjoying every minute.
I’ve been studying a lot about Jesus Christ in the Topical Guide and
it’s been crazy really seeing the nature of Christ. The way he
interacts with people and teaches.

Got to run
Love y’all
Do good, be good
Elder Dolan


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