Packin’ on up

I’m getting Transfered, again! Out of the past 5 Transfers I’ve been
Transfered 4 times. I’m just too much to handle for longer, haha.
So, I’m going to be covering 4 YSA wards out in Taylorsville with an
Elder Ferren. I am super excited to be with Elder Ferren, he’s like
the ideal missionary. He’s super humble, obedient, hard working. I
look forward to learning a lot from him.
I am sad to be leaving the Tongan Stake, but the new Elders coming in
are going to do great, so I’m not too worried. I’ve picked up a little
bit of Tongan, so I’m happy. I can count to a hundred, I know the
colors, and I know how to threaten someone and call them not nice
names. You know, the usual things you learn. Haha
This week has been pretty slow. Elder Kulikefu goes home tomorrow
morning, so we said some good byes to people. We had like 10 lessons,
which is the most we had all transfer, so it was a good last week. I
love “Kuli” and I’m gonna miss him. I’ve learned heaps from him.
Although, I won’t miss hearing “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” a couple
times everyday (Both the Rascal Flats and Pentatonix versions- just so
it doesn’t get tiring…) haha. There’s also a song that starts off
saying “boarding for Hawaiian airlines” blah blah blah and then the
song goes “I’m packing my bags, I’m ready to go” haha. I don’t know
where he found that one. Mele Kelikimaka, Elder. 🙂
This week I found a talk by Hyrum W. Smith called “Why 1820?” Its
super good. He goes through different dates from Jesus’ birth past
1820 to show that there was an apostasy and how each church started
and his big point is that the Restoration couldn’t of happened any
other time. Maybe later, but not earlier. The saints barely were able
to survive even at that time. They had to run to mountainous desert
with a big salt lake just to actually exercise their freedom of
Worth a read, worth a peruse.
The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is his church once
again restored to the earth
God loves y’all

Elder Dolan


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