Please no.

To start off with the subject line. I just got in a wreck! My fault-
it’s snowing bad and I was going like 20 and slid foreeevvverr! I hit
the guy in front of me, but God loves me, so it was an RM of 8 weeks
and  neither car got damaged. So it’s all good!

This week has been great. Thanksgiving was awesome. We got to spend it
with some really good families! And I got Otai! I love otai. It’s like
a crushed fruit drink with condensed milk and stuff. We also played
football for a couple hours in the morning. I thought I broke
something like 5 times- just a few bruises, so we’re good! Touch is a
relative term in touch football, haha.

I’ve also been really sick all week, but I just lived off a steady
stream of Tylenol and tried to keep a positive attitude. We luckily
got a lot of set up. We don’t have a whole bunch going on right now,
but we’re coming up with different ideas. This is such a unique area!

We did have lesson with an excommunicated member and we talked to him
about repentance. He seems to have a good understanding of everything
in the gospel, except forgiveness. He had a question along the lines
of if he can be forgiven. Yes, yes, yes! The Lord expects us to mess
up. His plan involves those mess ups! We are here to learn joy, which
consists of learning the sweetness of righteousness and the bitterness
of sin.
D&C 58
42 Behold, he who has repented of his sins, the same is forgiven, and
I, the Lord, remember them no more.

Love y’all!
Elder Dolan


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