Fu’u lahi me’akai

Malo elele fāmili mo kaungāme’a!

I love the Tongan Stake! It’s still slow, but we’re finding people!
We’re now meeting with a group of Roomates Sela, Emma, and Veni.
They’re really awesome, they were from one my past areas, Hunter East
Stake. They use to take Elder Hunt and I out a lot. We tried to do
lessons with them back then, but some things came up and then they had
to leave for Hawai’i. Now they’re back and Sela and Emma want to come
back to church, and Veni is willing to listen. So it’s a good time.

We’ve met a lot of people that way, just Polynesians we remember from
past areas, haha. It’s hard to find people, so we try anything we can
think of. Know anyone?

One thing I’m struggling with is listening. A lot of people have
really thick accents and odd syntax and I just struggle so much to
understand what they’re saying. I’ll ask a few clarifying questions to
see if I can figure it out and then I give up- hoping it’s not too
important. Luckily, a lot of people repeat themselves out here, and I
don’t just mean just once or twice, like 10 times. One guy told us
about his nephew and explained his story like 7 times over the course
of thirty minutes. It’s really weird, I never know how to respond, do
I repeat myself… are you looking for a different response? Haha.
It’s good time though- the people are great whether or not I can
understand them. They’re all so kind and giving and he kids are crazy
and a load of fun.

All is well in Zion. I’m having a good time and loving it out here.
Love you all!
Elder Dolan

Oh, and it snowed this week. God loves me though, so I have a car.


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