Hello all!

This week, as always, has been a blast!
We had a huge blessing this week. So, about a month ago I messed up
and sent a text that was meant for a Ward Mission Leader to someone we
were teaching. It didn’t say anything really that should of been
offensive, but she was very unhappy with us, well me, haha. So through
the month we’ve stopped by and dropped off cookies and such, but she
avoided us pretty hard. So, we just gave up on it. Then this week she
sent us a text asking how we we’re doing! So we texted a bit and she
said she missed having us over and is really needing the gospel more
in her life! So we had a lesson and found out she misread our text and
we just figured everything out, and now she’s coming to church and
We also met with our mission president his week. He told me I’ll be
transferred out my area when transfers come up and I’m really going to
be excited about what he has in store for me. Which is bittersweet. I
love this area, but it just means I get to meet more people!
Today has been awesome. It’s an all day pday, so this morning we did
bubble soccer (soccer in those big hamster ball type things. Then we
went around Visiting some awesome families from my past area and now
we’re all chilling at a church, playing volleyball, basketball, and
watching movies.
Something that came to mind the other day was the Provo City Center
Temple Dedication from… a while ago. Someone said something about
how CTR stands for Choose the Right and also it could mean Current
Temple Recommend. He said that that’s the best indication for us on
our we’re doing. Are we living worthy of a temple recommend? I really
wish we could go to the Temple more often. I’ve really been craving
the temple, go for me!

Love y’all!
Elder Dolan


One thought on “Halloween

  1. Elder Dolan,
    Wanted to let you know Wendy and I are going to the temple for the first time next month, and being sealed as a family. Thank you for all you have done to bring the gospel into our lives, we are eternally grateful.
    With love.
    The Hunt Family
    Dan,Wendy,Samuel, and Lillianna


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