Bold and Loving

Whoo! We’ve been way busy! I was pretty sick at the beginning of the
week, so I didn’t write an email last week. Sorry/your welcome!

So, a lots happened. First off, thanks for all the birthday wishes. I
kept it on the DL and my companion didn’t even find out until we
grabbed a cake from Kneader (from my loving parents!) and it said
happy birthday, so I couldn’t get out of that one, haha.

I had a wonderful birthday though! We met a new girl Evelyn and she
wants to be baptized. We handed her off to the Spanish sisters though.
Then we had a lesson with Aziza and we put her on date for baptism and
marriage. November 5! It was a super fun lesson! Right after we
invited her, she said she wanted to and she really felt right about it
and she felt the Holy Ghost whenever we meet, but she wanted to pray
about it that night. I felt a prompting to just do it now, but I had
to have some fun. When Aziza was talking to her future father in law I
looked over at Elder Wilcox and mouthed out “watch this” with a big
smile. I asked Aziza if she wanted to pray about it, and if she felt
like God would answer her prayers, which she answered in the
affirmative for both. So I said awesome! And pushed my chair back a
little and knelt down. “Let’s do it!”. Long story short, she prayed in
Bosnian and she said she just felt a peace, like tension left her.
Then she asked when she would need to stop drinking coffee to be
baptized and I said “right now”. Why would we want to postpone
blessings by postponing our obedience? And eventually I convinced her
to hand me her coffee packet from her purse. It was really funny and
really heartwarming to see her so willing to do it all. She’s doing
really awesome, sadly we have to hand her off to some other
missionaries, but she’ll do great!

There’s been so much that’s happened! And so many miracles, but little time.
Well, if any of you feeling like praying for some people, here are the
people we have on date for baptism!
Aziza, Jace, Brooke, Lynn, Charita, Madison, Jaiden, and Tristan!

All awesome people, all with awesome stories!
Something to reflect on though is our own personal obedience. Why
would we rob ourselves of blessing? I’ve said it before, but God’s
commandments aren’t something where we obey and he gives us a cookie.
God’s commandments are simply the instructions on living a happy life.
If something’s broke, fix it.

Love y’all!
Elder Dolan


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