Generally Specific

Another week another email.
Elder Wilcox is awesome. He is so willing to learn and just goes for it. He’s never given a blessing before and we had two opportunities and I just said “oh my companion would love to!” And he has given one of the most powerful blessings I’ve ever been apart of. He’s going to be a powerful missionary.
We just met with two new people and they are on date for baptism! One is Brooke and the other is Hope. They are super awesome girls and Hope said something awesome. She told us she wanted to be baptized and she said she wants to know more about God and do what he wants her to do.
Oh, and General Conference was rad. So we had 12 tickets. 4 to the Saturday Morning, 4 for Priesthood, and 4 for SundayAfternoon. Buuuut, we can’t go unless we have an investigator or Less Active and everyone bailed on us last minute. Except for the Sunday Afternoon. It was a bummer for the others but the Sunday Afternoon was rad. We took Ben and Aziza and on the train to the General Conference Center Aziza mentioned 3 things. She had just found out that her friends 6 year old son drowned the day before, she asked how many times can you repent, and she mentioned that this book she was reading had Shakespeare quotes and she really likes them. Then in the session we went to, her repentance question was directly answered, Renlund quoted Shakespeare and last but not least, there was a story about a young boy who died in a fire and they spoke about why bad things happen to good people. It was perfect. No surprises there, the magic of Conference.
I love y’all
Stay peachy!
Elder Dolan

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