The Waters of Baptism

Good news, good news!
So, Gloria Pope, our amazingly awesome friend, is getting baptized this Saturday! Then along with that Lynn Sams, a investigator we’ve been working with for a while has accepted a baptismal date of Oct. 8. Then We met with a boy, Jace, who is now on date for Oct. 15th!
Lynn is awesome! So, she just someone recently went through a divorce, which was difficult for her, obviously, but it put her in a position to move to Utah (from Ohio) to take care of her Brother right as he was going in to a critical condition with Hep C. He is currently waiting for a liver transplant and she has been waiting on him hand and foot. She is so selfless and has given everything to help her brother and her children. Awesome person!
Jace is 11 and the cutest kid ever. As we were teaching he would go “woooah” with wide eyes and was just very into it the whole time. His mother is wanting to come back to church as well and she just is a great mom. The kids are just so polite.
We also did a mini-mission deal. A stake got together like 12 companionships to take their youth out on these mini missions. We got Brother Smith and Brother Takashima. They were both good kids. One was a little shy and the other was… confident. He would interrupt and correct us a lot. We just went with it though. It was awesome to see them share a message though. We put them on the spot periodically through the day and by the end they were able to whip out a spiritual thought quickly. It was cool to see them to be all nervous and then they’d just click into it. The spirit is cool. These kids really had no idea what they were doing, but once they started to bare their testimonies you could just feel the spirit, it’s awesome.

Elder Dolan

P.S. According to the Theory of Relativity, a photon, light, doesn’t experience time. We may perceive it to take however long for the light to travel from the sun to the earth, but from the photon’s frame of reference it is instantaneous. With this I think it’s interesting how God is always closely related to light and isn’t bound by time. This has no importance really. I just thought it was interesting. All things denote there is a God. 🙂

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