September 14, 2016

Well, today is Pday for us because we got to go to the temple! We went
to the Bountiful Temple Again. It was chill. I love going to the
Well this week has been really good. Lots of lessons, lots of
contacting, and a lot of laughs.
Gloria was one that has been working towards baptism and she is still
going strong, but we helped her move this weekend and then had a
handoff lesson with he Elder in their new area. She gets baptized the
24th 🙂

Then we just met with a couple. Ben is a member and is looking to come
back to activity, then Aziza is his girlfriend of a year and she is
way cool. She’s from Bosnia and was a refugee during the wars there
and she grew up Muslim. It makes it more difficult to teach her,
because almost everyone in Utah has a good understanding of Christ and
most know quite a bit about the church. But she knows nothing about
Christ and was confused why we focus on him so much. It was fun to
have to get back to basics. When we asked her to pray at the end of
our lesson she started to cry during her prayer and said she felt the
spirit thing we talked about. We’re excited about her.

Then we met with Amy Shaw, she’s way awesome, really wants to come
back to church. She has a lot of questions. Like one she said “you
guys are probably going to laugh at me, it probably really dumb, but
there are 12 apostles, so does that relate to the 12 Tribes?” Which is
not a question I’ve ever gotten. It’s just so funny, she asks these
questions that she feels are dumb, but they turn out to be really

We had a regional conference and it was great. Presiding Bishop
Waddel, Sister Oscarson, Elder Hallstrom, and Elder Ballard all spoke.
They were really good. The BoM is important, don’t be two faced, God
is hastening the work of Salvation, and the best thing of the
conference was Elder Ballard. He brought up Pokemon Go! Bahahaha, he
just said catching “Pokeman” shouldn’t be a distraction from talking
to friends or enjoying the nature around you.

Oh, things are just wonderful here in Utah! We even saw snow today!
Which will be cool when it starts to really snow…. for like a minute
and then I’ll be awaiting Summer. 🙂

Be good, stay sweet!
Love y’all
Elder Dolan


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