Slow Sunday


As always, it’s been great!
Honestly. I’m a little blank on what to write however.
… We taught lessons and they went well. We did some service. Gloria Pope is still excited about baptism, but she’s moving, so we are having our last lesson with her tomorrow and we are handing her off to the other missionaries.
I still love Elder Maldarizzi. I still dislike his driving- Italians.
On Saturday however, I got super down. Like I just felt awfully miserable. I don’t quite know why, but I just all of a sudden felt like a terrible missionary, felt like all my efforts were in vain, I became hyper aware of all my faults, and it was just a bad time. The Rest of the day I just felt very unmotivated. I did everything I was suppose to, but in my head I was just upset with myself. But luckily, Fast Sunday came. That night as I went to be I was like “Crap, I’m going to be miserable andhungry” oh, me of little faith. In the morning I prayed for some help just to feel better and for some guidance on something. Then in every testimony meeting someone said something very specific. I have these moments where in my head I’m like “k God, you got me.” These were these moments. After the first sacrament meeting I still felt like garbage, then right as the second sacrament meeting started I just felt great. For no reason. It was great.
So, fasting works. Try it, believe it.
Love you all!
Elder Dolan
P.S. Going to 3 Sacraments each Sunday I’ve come to really not enjoy Hymns. Singing 10 Hymns and then having the same songs repeat through the day gets tiring. Knowing of my dilemma an Elder did some math for me. I have ~330 Hymns left in my mission and I’ve sang ~710 since I’ve been out. I will come to love them though, I assure you. I can’t be miss negative nancy over here!

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