Contrary to Popular Belief

So first off, this past Sunday we gave two talks. Mine were on the 8th
Article of Faith and ‘Looking Forward with Faith’. I enjoy giving
talks now, but by our third sacrament meeting, I was relieved. We were
done, we didn’t have to worry about anything, then we’re asked to say
the opening and closing prayers, which isn’t a big deal as much as it
made me chuckle. But the reason I bring this up is my second talk. In
most my introductions I say something along the lines of “Contrary to
Popular belief, I am not 14.” When I said it this time it got a hearty
chuckle. But then I continued. I begun to start my talk and right off
the bat I got this horrible voice crack. Like waaaay bad. I just
stopped mid sentence for a bit.. There were a few chuckles, I said
wow, more audible laughter, then I said “Like I said 14.” And then for
a minute I got to stand there awkwardly while everyone uproariously
laughed. Ah, how I love awkward moments. šŸ™‚
In my defense I’ve had a sore throat for a while, so I blame the crack on that.

On a different note. We’ve been working with a woman named Gloria and
she wants to be baptized on September 17th. She was unsure at first,
but she read and prayed about the Book of Mormon and now seems
confident. It’s cool to see how her whole demeanor has changed, she
seemed a little downtrodden at first, but now she always seems happy.

Also, I now have a sign name, it’s Elder and the combination of the
signs for ‘D’, Weird, and Sassy then they added issues after.Ā  I love
the ASL sisters, haha. I can now spell out things at a decent speed in
ASL. Oh the things you can learn.

A Walmart worker was just singing and dancing, so I stopped and begun
to have a dance off. It was chill.

Today, tell someone you love them, and do something makes someone else’s day.

Remember, some people are diabetic, so don’t sugarcoat things.
Elder Dolan šŸ™‚


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