Italiano Shake

First off, I sent off a lot of emails a couple weeks ago and I’m am
starting to realize they may not of sent, so if you’re expecting an
email from me, please let me know. These iPads can be finicky.

New area, new companion, new feel. Elder Maldarizzi and I cover two
stakes, one in Magna and one in West Valley. It’s 17 wards in all and
it is crazy, and I love it. We are pretty confident that we could
start doing over 20 lessons a week, which is awesome because that
means more time teaching and less time having to walk up to random
people. Haha, so its molto bene!

Elder Maldarizzi is an awesome companion. He is funny, a hard worker,
AND obedient! I love it. We are always so busy and we have very
similar ideals as far as missionary work goes. I’ve gone jogging 4
times this week, which I’ve never been able to get a companion to go
running more than once. I feel great. All of our Companionship studies
are also super good. We’ve been practicing teaching the lessons in
under a minute and it’s been a lot of fun. We also talk about real
things! We talked about socialism and it was cool to see his
perspective on it being from Italy and we’ve talked about these
different philosophical groups. He’s a smart kid and I love it.
My area is great we have a few “mission moms” here. Our Homeowner,
Sister Turnbull, keeps giving us things through the week. Cookies,
powerades, Oreos, muffins, etc. We’re going to be made fat. Two days
ago we were driving around and I had the distinct thought, “Man, I
would really love some Mountain Dew, if a member offered us some that
would just make my day.” Like 5 minutes later we get a text from a
Sister Bennet “I’m going shopping today, what is Elder Dolan’s
favorite soda.” I testify God lives and he answers the prayers of our

We’ve had so many miracles this week it’s been crazy. There was this
one lady in the Magna South Stake, who use to be in the Magna Central
Stake before the boundaries changed, and Elder Maldarizzi use to serve
in the Central and was teaching her, so we went and visited her and
she was so happy to see us, they hadn’t been meeting with missionaries
for a while, but she said she needed us and she was in a point of her
live where she is ready to change. She had been praying for the past
two weeks for something to change in her life, then Elder Maldarizzi
pops up. It’s really crazy when you put it in the context of that her
stake just changed, AND we weren’t suppose to serve in her stake until
there was a big change with our transfers the day before we got calls.
The Lord hears our prayers.
Oh and, I told her my first name was Hyrum, she said I kind of look
like a Hyrum, but I really look like a Spencer…. I was shocked. How
in the world does someone accidentally guess your name? The whispering
a of the spirit.

There was another Lady that we visited that Elder Maldarizzi had been
teaching, when we visited her, she talked the whole time about how
grateful she was for Elder Maldarizzi. She thought Hope was a wasted
emotion (it sounded like she had a very abusive household growing up)
and she was always miserable. Elder Maldarizzi, his last time he was
there, had asked her a question about hope that hit her super hard,
and she now is much happier and says she has a testimony of the
atonement and everything. Elder Maldarizzi has no idea what he said,
haha. The spirit will give you in the very hour.

This is long as is, so in short we had a lot of miracles this week,
some that are hard to explain and some that were simple and
insignificant like, someone randomly guessing my middle name.
God is a God of miracles. As our mission presidents wife says, If
you’re not seeing miracles every, repent and keep your eyes open.

Love y’all.
Elder Dolan


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