Ran to the Crick

This week has been interesting, as always!
So one day we went and played capture the flag with the youth of one ward. It was a lot of fun and most of the youth said it was the first time they had ever actually talked to missionaries. We played the game in a big canyon and it was a blast, but I was sprinting down the canyon running from a kid and then there was a little creek and I hopped in to in, but right as I did I knew I messed up, haha. When I hit I legit thought I broke my leg. It wasn’t all that bad though, I think I just tweeked some muscles. Then my companion in the same place, shortly after hurt his ankle. Elder Du Charme is like an old man though, I swear. When I was first with him his shoulder was giving him problems. Then he felt nauseous for a few days, then his back started to hurt, then he hurts his ankle, and now he is mostly crippled with his back. Poor kid.
Then another day we went to Trina Cook’s funeral. It was nice, as much as funerals can be. It’s interesting to see the difference in people. People take death very differently. When you think of it as the end of the end it obviously make it a lot harder. But for those that have a firm testimony of the after life, it makes it all a lot easier.
We are still meeting with Stepheny. We finally got word from her dad that she can not be baptized until she is 16, so not until February. That stinks, but we all fasted for his heart to soften yesterday, and I believe in a God of Miracles, so we’ll see what happens.
Oh, I also finished the Book of Mormon for the second time on my mission (… In my life…). All I got to say about that is that the Book is true.
Love you Kindly
Elder Dolan
PS Next Monday is Elder Du Charme’s last day on the mission!
Also, we just got an email from our president. He’s received direction from the Brethern about the Spanish Elders, the specific aren’t important, but in the message he said that some English Elders will be covering three or more stakes. Fun fun fun. Next transfer will be great.

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