This one isn’t going to be super long.
When I first came to this area I met a kid, Christian, who was going
to leave for his mission the very next day. I didn’t really get to
know him much, but somehow I got talked into dancing for them and that
was about all my interaction. As he was in the MTC we got really close
to his family and I absolutely love this family. Well, soon into it he
really started to struggle and eventually had to come home, on
honorable medical release, for anxiety. We didn’t know any of this
right away though. We were driving around and Elder Du Charme, just
stopped and said “I think Christian is home” so we drove over and we
knocked and their door. Brother Kelley answers and chuckles and opens
the door, and there is Christian. They got home from the MTC about 15
minutes before we came over. We’ve been taking him out with us and
just having a good time. The reason I bring this up is I look back at
my past areas where I’ve served I can think of one big event in each
area that I felt I was suppose to be there before. I haven’t always
been super happy about serving in Utah, but as I look back I can see
the Lord’s hand in it all.
The Lord knows you, he know what you need, trust and follow.
Love you all.
Elder Dolan


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