Cruising Through the Ville 4rl

Another day, another week, another email.
So this past week was quite slow, but we had a lot of good happen.
I can’t remember if I mentioned it in past emails, but we’re teaching
a 15 year old girl named Stephanie who is an awesome girl. Elder Du
Charme and I naturally joke around a lot as we teach (we’re serious
when we need to be of course haha), and with Stephanie she will bust
out so easily, like we will barely say a joke and she’ll laugh so hard
for like a solid minute, so we have to be carful. But she really wants
to be baptized, the only issue is her dad. He’s not against it as much
as there is some background stuff causing an issue. Luckily we found
out that he may allow, but not until the end of August, so we’re

We also went to Temple Square this Week with the Smith Family. They
were just “reactivated”. They are an awesome family and really fun.
They have a kid Gage who is full of energy, so I played around with
him a lot. We were skip racing around temple square and such. 19
looking 14 acting 9. Haha

I mentioned in the last email that we gave a blessing to a guy on his
death bed, well he passed and we were invited to his viewing. Death is
obviously sad, but it’s been cool to see how it brings to everyone
together. As missionaries we’re always on the outside looking in. We
get brought in to people’s family events, when we wouldn’t belong if
we were not missionaries, and it’s interesting. Whenever we walk in to
place half the people are happy and excited and run up to us. The
others put their head down and hope we don’t talk to them. Haha.

We also had another point where Elder Du Charme felt like we should go
visit Trina, someone they’ve taught in the past. We haven’t been able
to meet with her because she in and out of the hospital with cancer.
It just so happened though that right as we came by, Trina’s mom
(Trina is 30) received a call from the hospital and they found out
that Trina only had 2 days to 2 weeks left. We were there right at the
right time to comfort them and they told us to come by later to give
Trina a blessing and that was a special experience.

I also was able to give a training in District Meeting this past week!
I gave it on obedience, which is the least liked training as a
missionary. Anytime anyone does a training you can see everyone turn
off. Yes, we know we need to be obedient. Yes, we know obedience
brings blessings. Yes, I need to be better. The training are always
the same, so I tried to change the perspective to after the mission.
We have my companion and one of the Assistants that go home in 21
days, so we just had a discussion on how each rule we have as
missionaries will, if we keep them, make us better students,
employees, husband/wives, father/mothers.
So, in life outside missionary life- we have commandments, we have
laws. Heavenly Father gives us commandments for the same reasons
parents do. For safety (i.e. Don’t play with guns) and for growth and
development (i.e. Do chores). If we don’t understand a commandment
it’s because we don’t see the blessing. But the lord has promised us
blessings for every commandment.
D&C 130
20 There is a law, irrevocably decreed in heaven before the
foundations of this world, upon which all blessings are predicated–
21 And when we obtain any blessing from God, it is by obedience to
that law upon which it is predicated.

Look for reasons to follow commandments rather than reasons not and
reap the blessing
Love to all.
Elder Dolan

P.S. We got a new car and the License plate is COO 4RL #CoolForReal


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