Grantsville Cowboys

Good ole’ Wild West.
I love it out here in Grantsville. It has a small town feel, almost
everyone has horses, sheep, chickens, cows, and/or pigs. One family
even has pigs in their house as pets. So far I’ve fed some horses and
saw a rooster get its head chopped off. Good fun.
My companion, Elder Du Charme (Do-Sharm), and I get along waaaay too
well. We are laughing almost all the time. Elder Du Charme goes home
here in 36 days and 21 hours 🙂 He’s engaged and they have a date set
for March 16th and they will be getting married in the Chicago Temple.
He’s from Wisconsin and he’s a big car freak. He was originally called
Spanish, but the past two transfers he’s been English. So I’ve been
learning a lot of Spanish from him.
This week we had a lot of cancelations sadly, but we had a few lessons
and we put two people on date for baptism for the 30th. Our goal for
this transfer is to get three baptisms.
I love having a car. It’s been so hot recently and having A/C is so
nice. Plus our apartment has A/C also! I’m actually getting sleep!
It’s amazing.
We had one lesson with a Stepheny. She is one of the ones on date.
With her we got talking about the healing power of the atonement and
the comfort that the Holy Ghost brings. Jesus Christ knows how we feel
through everything we go through, not just how it feels to have a cut
on our arm, but he knows how it feels for us as individuals, because
we all feel pain differently. We are allowed to go through struggles,
we are allowed to go through pain, whether physical or emotional,
because we need to grow. But we aren’t left comfortless. When we are
baptized and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost we have the Spirit as
our constant companion, who can comfort us through our struggles. This
really stuck a cord with Stepheny and she’s really excited to be
baptized. How ever her father may pose an issue, but we’ll see.
Les quiero a todos ustedes mucho!
Elder Dolan



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