::Father’s~Day:: {Plus Other Events}

Well, this week ended in a crazy way, so I will be pretty short.

Good things are happening! We are finding new people to teach. There
is one guy who was meeting with missionaries a couple of years ago and
he was doing a whole bunch of mischief, like taking “Hondas for
joyrides and smoked weed in them and then ditched them”. But then a
little after his mom and him left to go to a Jewish congregation in
Cali. So they went and he changed a lot. They’re Messical Jews and
apparently believe in Jesus… Which is interesting, but he really
likes our message and wants to learn more… Plus he told us he was
circumcised in Cali to join the congregation (he’s 23), so he didn’t
seem to scared when we brought up baptism.

We also put our good buddy, Darrell, on Baptismal date again. For July
16. He’s doing really well now. He is getting over his addictions and
is finding ways to deal with his depression in more healthy ways.

My companion and I also gave talks for Father’s Day in one of our
wards. I made a joke about my mother and father being 9 years apart
and said it was super weird, the bishop and his wife are 13 years
apart, so he made a comment and the whole congregation busted into
laughter for a solid minute. It was one of the easiest talks I’ve ever
given. (Love ya Daddy-O)

Last night we were walking home, in a small hurry too get home on
time, and we saw the bishop’s daughters (same as the one mentioned
above) outside and we were just about to walk on by until we realized
they were crying. We went and talked to them, and apparently their mom
was in super bad shape, she was throwing up earlier in the day, a lot,
and now she was unresponsive. We offered a blessing, but one was
already done and then the ambulance came and we left. We found out
this morning that she had sepsis and doesn’t have a high chance of
making it through. She’s in her 40s and they have about 8 kids ranging
from 1-20. The Stake is doing a fast for them. Any prayers would be

I got to get. Miracles happen.
Love all y’all
Elder Dolan


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