Talk to All

So this is going to be relatively short, because I am DEAD tired and
today has been a super weird day.
I got sick in the middle of the night and then we had to wake up early
to go to the Bountiful temple. I got about 4 hours of sleep, and I
look, and kind of act, super high. On that note though the Bountiful
Temple is beautiful and temple is always awesome. Then later we had a
lesson with a person, who said she was Sapiensexual, as in she is
basically bi, but it has nothing to do with gender as much as “the
inside”, and she’s been dating a girl for quite a while, but she said
she’s kind of done with it and is looking to change. Then she said she
watch our Joseph Smith video we gave her 10 times and she “felt a warm
fuzzy feeling inside” but thought she wasn’t “suppose to feel that way
about a movie”. Then she said she really wanted to be baptized, but
her mom is kind of resistant to it, but she said she can just talk to
her mom about it. It was all so perfectly weird. We explained a lot
along these lines and it just made for an interesting lesson,
considering I was pretty out of it. Haha
This past week though, we talked to over 200 people. We had a contest
with our District which consisted of talking to people (1pt), place
BoMs (2pt), set up a return appointment (3pt). We crushed everyone
else with I honk 252points. We placed about 23 BoMs. 19 of which was
in one day and they all had a restoration pamphlet and a Plan of
Salvation pamphlet and our number. We emptied our whole mission office
of BoMs. We would of handed out more, but we didn’t have any left. We
ordered two cases of BoMs though.
A whole bunch of weird things happened this week. I love being a missionary.
I also got to talk to my mama and family. Such a great time! It’s
crazy to see how much has changed in one year!

I love you all.
Stay fresh
Do work
Rely on God.

Elder Dolan


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