The Lord’s Elect

It’s been a Crazy two weeks. So much stuff happened.
We’ve taken two priest ages boy out with us for a 24 hour exchange.
They spend the night, do studies with us and everything. So much fun.
When we’re with them we have super weird experiences. One shirtless
bmx biker crossed a busy street and almost got hit by a few cars to
come talk to us. He told us we can be in a group of three because the
spirit can’t be shared equally that way. Then something about lucifer
not being a bad guy “no where in the bible does it say the Lucifer is
a bad guy”. Then he wanted to show us something “freaky” if you take
the last two digits of your birth year, plus how old you will be this
year. So, I was born in 96 and will be turning 20. Then it equals 116.
He referred his to the 116 lost books of the bible and mentioned the
BoM manuscript and stuff. Some sort of conspiracy. Then he showed us
something “even more freakier” 666+666+666+6+6+6, which is 6
variations of triple 6s equals 2016. This is the year of Satan. Ah it
was great. Oh and his name was Pooker. Hahaha
We but a feller on date for baptism, Darrell. He will be baptized May
21st. He’s awesome and so willing to learn.
There’s also a guy named Frank, who has been so humbled by
circumstance. Wife, mom, dad died. Year later ended up homeless. Who
we’d put on date for baptism, but he’s finally found a place since he
started meeting with us, so we have to hand him over to other
missionaries. But the difference between now and the first time we met
with him is crazy. He first wouldn’t accept that God loved him, but
our last lesson he testified of God’s love, the atonement, prophets,
etc. it was crazy cool to see his whole countenance change.
Then we’re meeting with this guy from Nigeria that we street
contacted. His name is Kalu Okorie. He moved to America for school and
has a Masters from the University of Utah. Super awesome guy and if we
give him a verse to read, he’ll write down the chapter, so he can get
a full context. He tests everything, it awesome. But everything we
taught so far he’s good with. He believes Joseph Smith was a prophet.
Book of Mormon explains stuff in more depth than the Bible. It
“clarifies the Bible”. He just has doctrinal questions. We tried to
put him on date, but he wanted to have a week to think about it. So
we’ll see what next week brings. He’ll be out of town for three weeks
after this week, so we will be doing skype lessons… Which will be
I love my companion. Elder Hunt is a superb missionary, we will pray
in the middle of the street to find people, we’ve begun daily goals
(which I’ve never had a companion even willing to do that) and we are
seeing so many miracles. We have a good time.

One of my recent Favorite Scriptures:
Proverbs 6
6 ¶Go to the ant, thou sluggard; consider her ways, and be wise:

We all have work to do. Get to it.
Love you all!
Elder Dolan

Elder Dolan



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