Hello beautiful people!
Transfers are tomorrow, I am staying and Elder Werner is going to
Grantsville as a District Leader (I’m super jealous of him going out
to Tooele County (A.K.A Zion)). I’m a getting Elder Hunt. Which is
crazy. I met Elder Hunt my first transfer out and he told me that
there was a crazy lady they were teaching that said that she had a
dream that his next companion would be his really white kid with
glasses. So, of course, with really white and glasses he thought of me
and showed her a picture of me and she said that I was the one. And
now here we are a year later. He’s super crazy, and so am I, so by the
end of the transfer we’ll either hate or love each other. Should be
fun! Haha
Miracle of the Week, there is a guy named Felipe who is a pretty
stubborn guy and very well aware of it. He is awesome and a lot of
fun, but just very slow to progress. But we were teaching him about
faith and brought up James 2:17-26 which basically goes into Faith
with out works isn’t faith and even the Devils believe. It was a big
call out to see if we could get him to budge more. When we read it he
said “yah, I definitely believe and do good things, but I just have my
feet in the water, I’m just not a 100% under water.” Which is a huuuge
admittance. He expressed how he is getting their, but just slowly.
Then, we committed him to coming to church, and he accepted! The first
time in 6 months and he actually came! He’s coming along.
In our stake we are making quite a few changes. First we are focusing
on Family History quite a bit. The Stake President works for Ancestory
and is crazy into anything family history. So, he wants it used as a
primary finding and teaching tool, so we’re working with getting that
implemented. Then we also got a new communication app approved! It’s
an App called Trello (pronounced tree-oh) and it’s been helping us a
lot in one of our wards, so we got permission from opt he mission and
stake president to get it as a primary communication tool for our
stake. It’s a nice little tool where we can have daily communication
with each ward, and put assignments for presidencies, and just get us
unified on information. Working well so far and has increased the work
in one of our ward 2 fold so far.
If anyone is looking for a good read:
“What are the Blueprints of Christ’s Church”
YSA Devo 2014
Tad R. Callister
I read this at the beginning of my mission, but this past week, I
spent about 2-3 hours studying it and making notes. Fantastic talk,
especially when you have people who will only accept the bible at
Love you all! Do good, and more importantly be good.

Elder Dolan


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