To Remake Baywatch with All the Beautiful LDS People

This week was a loooooong week, but in the most okay way possible.
Tuesday we had a zone conference and like 1/2 of it was about going
home, and how this isn’t the best two years. Our president keeps
focusing on us leaving as men and women who will be great
church/community members and not just people who were great
missionaries. It was interesting because the Sunday before a guy said
“I am jealous of these Elders, because I never felt the spirit so
strongly as I did when I was on my mission.” Which bugged the life out
of me. I remember just thinking, that’s so stupid. In fairness the guy
was probably just saying it as a social expectation more than actually
thinking about it, but what we ended up talking about for Zone
conference was how you’re mission shouldn’t be a peak, it should be an
accelerator to grow and become a better disciple. It was interesting
having that be such a focus, having a former companion (Elder
Robinson) and a close mission friend do their farewell testimony. Time
is flying by and all of a sudden, I’ll be there. Weird, but I’m down
for the next year and a couple weeks!
Then we had a super busy schedule, like absolutely no open slots
anywhere, but one fun thing was we officially got to meet a 16 year
old girl named Kylie Knox. And holy garbage she is crazy (in a fun
way) and seemingly golden. We met her Thursday and just got to know
her and didn’t have too much time to get into the first lesson, but
she talked about her background and such and then we shared a message
about the atonement, and had the prompting to invite her to
conference. We had 5 tickets and we had Kye, us, and Brother and
Sister Erb (the latter being YW president), so it worked out
perfectly. So Sunday Afternoon, Kye goes with 4 complete strangers, up
to a place she’s never been, to hear these ‘prophets’ talk about a
religion she knew nothing about, a lot of faith. Like really she
almost knew nothing about the church, but has lived here for just
about her whole life. Which is weird for us, almost everyone we teach
had a pretty basic understanding, just because of the culture and
school, so we have to change the way we teach. But as we’re driving up
to the Conference Center we do the first discussion and then we take a
bit to really explain the Holy Ghost (remember this little tad).
Walking to the center she got super mad at the protestors and almost
through a shoe at one, haha. Then she told everyone that passed by how
gorgeous or handsome they were. And she was just so weird and so loud,
it was great. Then we get in, she she gets ready with the note book we
gave her and the first talk is Robert D. Hales who talks about the
Holy Ghost and he explains it in almost the exact same words as us. It
was perfect. She started taking notes! Then when Paul V. Johnson
speaks, she starts crying. Her father died from an OD when she was 7
and she had apparently been told by others that only good people were
resurrected, so his message about death and resurrection was really
comforting to her. Then when Holland was announced the whole
conference swelled in hushed “yes”s and every one who didn’t have
notebooks out- took them out, haha, it’s was really funny, but she
turns to us and says “he must be a favorite or something” and the two
rows in front of us turned to look at her and smiled like “just you
wait”. Then he made the remark about keeping us from our post
conference ice cream and she turns to us really excited “They have ice
cream after!?” I about died. She was so cute. Like a kid in a candy
store the whole time. On the way back she was skipping and twirling,
almost threw a shoe at a protestor again, and was just gleaming.on the
way home we talked about the Book of Mormon and when we mentioned the
part about Jesus visiting the Americas she said “I didn’t know Jesus
visited the Americas! I want to read his book!” I just smiled and
said, well we can probably help you with that. When we get home, we
hand her a BoM and she thanks us and says how much all these little
things mean to her. And she’s read the whole bible before, so we
assume the BoM shouldn’t be too hard.
Oh! And the subject title- on the way out an attractive beach bum
looking guy and his wife passed by and she said “Oh my gosh, y’all are
such a beautiful couple, you look like you could be on Baywatch!” Then
she continued, not in a hushed tone, “oh my gosh there are so many
beautiful LDS people! They should remake Baywatch and just put all
these beautiful LDS people in it.” Everyone around us laughed it up.
Such a great week, I loved conference. The Priesthood Session really
hit me. I love Nelson. I love the Gospel. I love all y’all. Get out
there and do some good.
“You can have what you want, or you can have something better.”
“Choose happiness and choose to make others happy.”
Elder Dolan


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