March 21st 2016

Update on last week.

Elder Werner was sick.
We had 17 lessons cancel, but still had 9, so it’s all good.
Elder Werner woke up Wednesday morning at 1:30 and threw up, went to bed, 2:30 he dashes out and throws up again. We call our wonderful WML Gomez and he runs to Walmart and gets us anti Nausea and does it with a smile. Such an awesome guy and super charitable.
Elder Werner stopped throwing up, but his system still was trying to purge. This continued through Sunday. Saturday morning I wake up to him reading a box, I later found out it was a medicine box, and he then informed me that he was on the toilet for an hour and that I “may want to mop the floor”. I enjoyed mopping. Ridiculous haha.
We also helped a guy build a shed.
I enjoyed Elder Werner’s sickness though. I had a lot of time to study about pride and charity. My favorite quote about Pride is “Pride makes us slave to men”. When you’re acting prideful, which we all are almost always, you are putting what man wants in front of what God wants. Every sin you ever commit is attached to Pride, anything from not wanting to say a prayer to denying the Holy Ghost.
I would invite all to read/reread  “Beware of Pride” by Ezra Taft Benson (April 1989 General Conference)
This week:
Super good week. I had exchanges with an Elder Rodriguez. He’s a trial missionary and going home temporarily (before he goes out to his real assignment) at the end of this Transfer. He’s such an awesome guy. He had a fantastic trainer that really instilled in him the importance of talking to everyone which really awesome to have someone who is willing to do that. So we actually found three people from just talking to everyone and inviting everyone. It was a really good time.
I’ve really come to realize how much control we have over our emotions. There are days where I wake up and I really don’t feel like being a missionary. Being a missionary takes effort, and that effort is expected to span ~731 days. You don’t choose to be a missionary the day you accept your call it’s a daily, hourly, minute by minute thing. There are times were biking and there’s a person walking by and I have to decide to go talk to them and have a short awkward conversation where they say they’re inactive, but not interested because they don’t believe a piece of doctrine of the church, which really isn’t doctrine, just a misunderstanding of something really insignificant. But even though it can be hard at time, it can be easy if you want it to. I can make myself feel excited about anything, I’m super excited for workouts every morning and I get excited to have someone tell us they think we’re being misled by this evil church. It gets to the point where you just learn to smile and choose to be happy. We have the agency to be offended, sad, mad, glad, prideful, humble, whatever. What a wonderful thing it, agency, is if we use it correctly.
Enjoy your week! Or don’t, whatever you prefer!
Love all y’all’s.
Elder Dolan

Elder Dolan


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