Cancellations, Death, and Me the Weirdo

Ah, it’s been a fantastic week!
We had like 8-9 cancellations, but still had 18 lessons! The days go
by so quickly now that I’m getting to teach so often and it’s all
planned by the Ward Mission Leaders, so we just go where they tell us
to go, for the most part. Utah missions are so spoiled, it kind of
It’s hard to talk about people now, with there being so many, but
there have certainly been some interesting lessons.
One was with a Felipe. Awesome guy, his daughter just got baptized,
and he’s been taking missionary lesson for a while. After the baptism
his mother came up to us and told us, she probably won’t ever join our
church (She Catholic) but she really hopes Felipe does which was
really awesome. Then when we had our lesson with him, wow, hahaha. He
has like a Buddhist/Catholic belief. When we started with the
Restoration (which he’s been taught before, a couple times) he brought
up his belief that we all have a piece of God and together we comprise
this higher deity. Then in the next life we’ll all be these orbs of
light, with no bodies, but when you look into the orb you’ll see the
person as you remember them. We dwelled on that for a while using the
Bible (which he believes to be true) to explain it a little more. Then
we just pushed through the to the Book of Mormon, because if he reads
and gets confirmation of the BoM, then everything we teach is true…
You’d assume. Apparently Felipe believes in the BoM. It’s the word of
God. It is a true history of a people who lived on the Americas. Which
means he would believe Joseph Smith is a true Prophet of God… Which
he does… Which would mean that what Joseph Smith taught was true.
Which he believes…. But he doesn’t.i really don’t know how to
explain it, but it was weird. We got his to commit to praying and
reading (we negotiated 3 prayers through the week and 2 chapters by
Friday… Something is better than nothing) and we’re going to temple
square this Friday. He’s an awesome guy and wants to learn, but he’ll
take a while.

Then we have Kirk. Oh I love Kirk. He is very unique. He kind of seems
like he’s high on uppers a lot. And… It’s just so hard to explain.
He’s an eternigator (we actually just temporarily dropped him
actually). But he says he knows the church is true and believes in it,
but he doesn’t seem to fully grasp how keeping the commandments is
part whole deal. His lessons are really frustrating, but the funniest
thing ever was Saturday night. I was joking around and just kind of
messing around with him when he said “you’re such a weirdo!”. I died.
I think I almost cried. This is one of the most weird people I’ve ever
met and he just called me a weird, and he was right. Ah, I love Kirk,
even if he is a little frustrating.

For this next story I’m just going to copy and paste it from another email:
the other day these people invited us in to come eat, we say okay, is
there a man in the house? Yah of course, my father is here (this is
like 45~ lady) we go in, it’s all women, like 8 people. One takes us
back to the kitchen. I ask what’s the get together for? Oh, my father
has Parkinson’s and will be passing soon and then she points to the
guy laying on a gurney in the other room, barely breathing. I looked
at my companion after the lady when the to an other room to talk with
everyone while we got our food, and I’m like, well the White Hand Book
doesn’t say whether they need to be alive or not… So I guess we’re
fine. We sure did try to leave as quick as possible though. After
leaving a quick thought on the atonement.

This week I’ve really focused on studying better, and actually
recoding thoughts. It’s been really cool to see how much extra you get
out of stuff when you’re looking for something to write. Other thing
I’ve noticed is how terrible addictions are. Man it’s so sad to see
these people struggling so much with addiction and it causing so much
strife, but not able to make that last hump over it. People will quit
meth, heroine, whatever, but can’t quit tobacco. Although the people
I’ve worked with who have quit smoking are the same people who go to
church, read daily, and pray daily. Seems like there’s something to
all that jazz.

Do what you’re suppose, and life will end well.
Love y’all
Elder Dolan


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