St. Valentine

Got a nice start to the week with a temple trip and interviews with
our President.
I love President Palmer. He is one of the most chill guys ever. Haha,
at one point I told him that there was one guy in our stake who takes
all these guys shooting every week, among which are inactives and
nonmembers. He has one of the craziest gun collections I’ve seen.
Everything from a musket to a 50 cal sniper. So, I mentioned all this
to President and he asks if he has ever invited us. I kind of thought
it was a sort of ploy to see if we’ve following the rules. So, I say
no and ya da ya da. Essentially it ends with me showing president that
not handling firearms is indeed in the White Handbook and he said he’d
like us to be able to go with them, so he’ll think about it.

We got to meet with a Sister Allbee this week! It was one of then few
lessons that didn’t cancel (I think we had like 8 cancelations, muh)
she and her boys are great. Now that they’ve had some big changes in
their life they are now able and ready to be baptized. The younger boy
is super spastic and kind of jumps around the whole time, but we were
able to get him to calm down a little.

We’ve been able to meet with a recent convert, Sister Motley. She was
baptized back in October, but she’s had a huge trail of bad luck in he
past while, so it’s been near impossible to meet with her, but now we
just meet with her early in the morning. She’s really doing well
despite the trials, and she has one of the strongest testimonies I’ve
ever seen.

Zack Zahler was planned to be baptized on February 27th, but due to
some complications with his real mom, we’re having to postpone again.
It’s a bummer, but it’s nice to be able to prep him a little more and
make sure he’s as ready as possible. Such a funny kid and it’s funny
how he’ll take something we say and get it all twisted up. We have to
spend a lot of time on some of the harder concepts.

So on Thursday we got calls from two bishops asking us to speak in
their ward this Sunday, they meet at the same time however, so we had
to postpone one of them, but in the one this Sunday I talked about
charity. When I was speaking I mentioned the irony of a missionary
speaking about love on Valentine’s Day, but it actually was pretty
cool. It made me realize how my mission has kind of changed my
perspective of love in general. Missionaries have to give up just
about everything, everything from family to my phone. It really just
makes you appreciate the things that are actually important.

Well I love all y’all’s

Elder Dolan


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