Guns, Dogs, and the Gospel

I’ve found the longer I’ve been on mission the less I want to email,
haha. Not that I don’t want to tell people things or anything, I just
hate having to write it out, haha, but here it goes.

Last Monday we watched Facing the Giants as a District and then we
went to a church building with some other Elders who had an air-soft
sniper and played a really dumb game where one person had to stand
under the goal with the sniper and try to shoot the other who were on
the other side trying to get to the trash can in front of the sniper.
We had flipped tables, chalkboards, and other dumb obstacles. We were
on our way to dinner though, so I was in my proys clothes and when I
slid the friction melted a whole in my pants, bummer. Then we had
Dinner with the Lamberts again, love them. Then we taught the
restoration to the Stake Prez 2nd counselors family for a FHE since
their son leaves for a mission in a couple weeks. Then they took us
out for ice cream.

Tuesday was a lot of contacting and some quick visits. But we had a
fun little scare/blessing. We were walking down a street and it’s
pretty dark (Stansbury doesn’t have any street lights because there’s
an observatory) and we see this medium-large sized dog. It has a
collar so I kneel down and stick out my hand for it to come sniff me
so I could get close and find out where to take it. It walks up all
nice and then all of a sudden it clicks into aggressive mode and
starts to chase me. I’m running, laughing hysterically, and then it
decides to chase my companion and he thinks it’s way less funny, then
I get it to come back at me and then I like half kicked it, like it
was more of a tap, and it just stopped and went back to looking all
nice. So, we called the sheriffs office and reported a dog attacking
people and when we were done following it and ended the call we were
by a house we had tried to contact before. So we knocked and they have
been bummed that missionaries haven’t come over for a while. So we had
a really good time with them, and they are wanting to come back with
church. So we’ll see where it goes.

Wednesday we had exchanges and I went to Grantsville with Elder
Patterson for Alberta, Canada. I love that kid. We’ve had a lot of
similar experience in our life. We taught a few lessons, contacted
people- the usual. At one point we stopped by a taco truck and it was
super good. Then we stopped by this place we call Narnia- this guy
owns a huge plot of land with some log cabins and it has a lake and is
just awesome looking. We went walking on the ice and Elder Patterson
almost died- not really- so that was fun.

Thursday was mostly meetings and we also got to see the damage from
good ole Sean. He was a guy we were trying to work with. He’s an
alcoholic and it girlfriend/common law wife of 22 years has had him on
an ultimatum that if he doesn’t finally clean up she’d leave him. The
day that we were suppose to meet with them he and her got in a big
fight and she left and took the kids. A week later he gets drunk,
takes his truck, and starts to run in to people’s mailboxes and trash
cans. It seemed he was mostly targeting good friends of his. The
bishop and his home teacher being two of them. Everyone is kind of
glad this happened though. They all love him and are hoping he can
sober up in jail (he hit over 10 mailboxes and each one is a federal
offense) and then can come out ready to shape up. Such an awesome guy,
but the alcohol really messed with him.

Friday, we gave a training on How to Begin Teaching, that was fun- I
love giving trainings. We had a FHE with a family that is kind of half
wanting to come back. We had a good time with them- we played fill in
the blank Apples to Apples and shared a message. That should continue
to go well. Then we met with a recent convert, Piper- she’s 9. Their
whole family is inactive and they have some interesting thoughts, so
it will be fun trying to figure everything out. The father is a Marine
Sniper, so that’s cool.

Saturday we went to a baptism in McRaes old stake. That was a really
cool spiritual experience. The rest of the day was just frustrating, a
lot of poor communication incidences, but it all worked out in the

Sunday we gave talks in sacraments. McRae talked on the “worth of
souls is great” and mine was essentially on happiness. Which was
great. I thought it’d be such an easy talk to give, but heck no. It’s
huge. There’s so much you can talk about. I enjoyed it though, I love
giving talks- no written out talks any more. Then we went to two other
sacraments and got to hear great talks. Then we had our last Lesson
with Jayden Michael and his grandfather (48 years old) Stacey Twiner.
I love them so much and it was always my favorite lesson of the week.
The kids just got it and it was always fun. We’ll be using them to
come with us to other lessons though for sure.

Today…. Nothing crazy interesting… We ate at Virg’s for lunch and
it was fantastic… Played basketball and volley ball. Ate at the
Lamberts as always. Then had an FHE with a family who has a recently
returned sister and she was super gung-ho about finding people for us
to teach and it was good fun.

There you have it. There it is.

Honestly this week I’ve really reflected on how much I’ve grown since
I’ve been out here. I’m still a terrible person of course, don’t get
me wrong, haha, but there’s so much change and I love it. Progression
is the name of the game.
Follow the Plan of Happiness
Love all y’all’s

Elder Dolan


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