The Work of the Counsel

Been such a good week!
Monday we took a trip downtown and hung out with some other Elders
Tuesday we had a Zone Conference which was really focused on Ward
Counsels and their role in the work and our personal studies. During
Lunch there was one Sister who had a panic seizure looking attack, so
that was kind of scary, but she will be fine. Sadly she is going back
home to Tonga, but her family had moved to America while she was gone,
so she’s going to go home to no Family and will have to wait a while
for a Visa and stuff. So that’s sad, and it was kind of embarrassing
for her since in was in front of everyone at lunch, but she got to
bear her testimony after and it was great.
Wednesday we had a Worldwide Missionary Broadcast, Elders Oaks,
Anderson, and Bednar spoke along with some Seventies and such. It was
all focused on, for the most part, working with members and making
sure they take the responsibility to find and prepare to be taught and
our responsibility is just to teach.
The rest of the week went really well. We picked up a new guy who was
excommunicated and wants to come back. We started meeting with the
Yazzie’s again! It was actually really funny we started sending out a
scripture of the day with a short thought every morning and he
responded to Helaman 5:12, which talks about the gospel keeping you
safe from the devil dragging you to misery and woe, and said, “What
makes you think I’m miserable, that’s what I got that Mary Jane for.”
Haha, we hadn’t been able to contact them for two weeks and that’s
what we got from him. We texted back and forth and then we asked about
meeting and he stopped. So we knocked at his door that night and said
“we heard you got weed, where it at?”. He let us in the door and we
talked with his family for a bit and gave a short lesson and bounced.
We had a scheduled lesson the next day and we taught the, the Gospel
of Jesus Christ. Brother Yazzie was about to meet with the Bishop and
was kind of nervous and asked what he should expect and we explained
repentance more expansively. It was so cool to see all these things
click for them. They have so many partial facts. Like they’ve learned
it before, but they missed some of it. So as we go along all of a
sudden they go “ooooh”. It’s just so nice to see.
We also took Brother Eisenhut to the Church History Museum and taught
the Restoration. It was really cool, we started off with the whole
first part of the lesson up until the actual First Vision, we then
went into the theatre there and watched the panoramic First Vision.
The video there is so cool, if you have the opportunity, definitely
take it. But after that we wrapped up the lesson and invited him to be
baptized, there was quite a bit of back and forth, but it came down to
him setting smaller goals. He quits Coffee this Saturday (he actually
decided to just kick caffeine all together) and then kicks chewing
tobacco the next. Steps in the right direction!
The rest of our week was focused on meeting with Ward Mission Leaders
and passing on the directives we received. The Ward Counsels are so
important, but almost none of them function in the full capacity
they’re suppose to as outlined in the Handbook 2 . So our goal is to
get those really working efficiently, because Our Mission President
told us that a lot more companionships will start covering 2-3 stakes.
We only cover one stake and that’s rough to try to communicate with
all the WMLs and do all the other stuff we have to, but once you get
to the 2-3 level, Ward Counsels make or brake the work in your ward.

The Church is true
The Book of Mormon is truly the Word of God.
Be the Best you
Love all y’all.
Elder Dolan


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