The Contact

Once again I’ve fallen behind! But that’s okay.
So it’s been a great two weeks- in hind sight, haha. So, last week,
all we did was contact referrals and Former Investigators (What do you
call an alligator with a vest? An “InVestiGator” *Knee slap*),
actually that’s all we did both weeks, but it was really terrible. The
issue we have is we typically have things planned from 5-9pm, when
people are actually home, so that only leaves us with 10am-5 to go
contacting, so we just go walking around attempting to contact 20-40
people a day and just hoping to catch someone. All last week we got
almost nothing. A lot of people saying straight up saying we’re not
interested, Haha- One door we knocked, we could see the guy sitting at
his kitchen table, through the door window, and he looks up at us,
stares at us for three seconds, and looks back down and ignores us.
But anyways- nothing. No return appointments, no nothin’. Then we get
transfer calls, both McRae and I are staying, and then Tuesday rolls
around and we go contacting (mind that Tuesday is basically the worst
day to go contacting) we got 4 return appointments. And things are
really starting to come out of the works. Some times you just have to
keep pressing on and hope things work out.

On to other subjects-
-Bro. Eisenhut is doing good. We are inviting him to be baptized on
Wednesday. We have to do it in a very careful manner though, since
he’s had some crazy pushy Missionaries in the past. But we think that
we came up with a great way to approach it and make him know that we
are doing because we love him and not because we’re trying to get a
-Zack- We had to push back his Baptisimal date because we’ve missed a
few lessons with him. It ended up working for the best though. He’s a
great kid, but being 9 he doesn’t focus too well, so we’ve changed the
style of the lessons. They’re now ADD styled. Basically I get on their
excitement level and get them super involved, and McRae come in calm
to keep it low key. It’s a nice balance.
-We just met a guy Bro. Jenson- He had been meeting with missionaries
for a while (Everyone in Utah has…), but they had to stop for a
while. I can’t tell you too much about him without breaking
confidentiality, but he has his own struggles that he really wants to
fix and his girlfriend of 20 something years has put him under
ultimatum. His girl friend is inactive but really wants to come back
and their two boys really want to be baptized, but we just have to
work through a few kinks.
-I usually love everyone we teach so much and so quickly, but every
once in a while I leave an appointment just disgusted. There was one
inactive family that has an Atheist son, young teen, and they
expressed a desire to be sealed, but the son would have to be worthy
of a Temple Recommend. But when the mom was talking about the kid she
said last Easter the Easter bunny brought everyone something except
him, because “if he doesn’t believe in Jesus, why would he care about
Easter” Which I personally thought was really messed up. Then there
were other things that just seem to be ammo for him to hate the idea
of God more. But, I need to set my pride away and then hopefully we’ll
be able to reach the kid and parents.
-Elder McRae and I got into a physical altercation at some point. I
didn’t realize it was serious until halfway through, but we’re all
good now! Haha
-We watched The Cokeville Miracle at some point and I don’t ever
really cry, but this one caused a battle- I won though, so it’s okay.
-So many members bought Lotto tickets haha, hoping to get their 1.5
billion. The best part is that you can’t buy tickets in Utah, so
people drove all the way out to like Idaho and other places.
-We passed by a members house and saw that their kid’s car was on,
like to warm it up before they leave. So I thought I’d be funny to hop
in and wait for them to get in and scare them…. After thirty minutes
though- we realize they were just trying to “charge the Battery” and
then forgot about it….

Love you all
Join us next for “Mission Stuff With Elder Dolan”
-Elder D to the O to the L to the A to the N


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