Holly for Dayz

So, It’s been two weeks, so let’s play some catch up again!
Christmas was awesome! We went to the Griffith’s home at 8 to open
presents with all their little kids. It was so nice to see the kids so
excited about Santa. Brother Griffith has a tradition that I’d
definitely like to steal when the time comes. For each of his kids he
writes them a letter every Christmas- it is a way of keep sort of a
yearly journal for them along with showing them their progress in
life, plus he has the opportunity to really express his love for them.
It was super cool to see the kids reactions.
Then I got talk with my Fam. It was nice to see, almost, everyone! I
think the funniest part was my niece’s, Tayla, Poems to her parents.
They were hilarious. Can’t wait to see everyone in person, when the
time comes of course.
We picked up a new family. The Eisenhuts. Sister Eisenhut is a primary
teacher and very much so active. Then Brother Eisenhut is not a
member, but deeply wants to, but he wants confirmation from the Holy
Ghost that it’s true. So we just started teaching, but they are such
an awesome family. He is super down to earth and the nicest guy ever.
The Yazzie’s came to church! And stayed for all three blocks! And they
made the commitment to meet with the bishop at the end of the month
which will be the first big step in their Reactivation. I’m so excited
for them, they have had some huge changes in their life. They’ve been
meeting with missionaries for over a year and in that time they got
married and did some other stuff. When I first met them they didn’t
ever read scriptures or pray, so we have been really focused on that
and why we do those things and why we’re even here on earth. Every
time we followed up it would be them like oh we tried, but we’re so
busy, but now- even with Christmas and such- it’s just like yah of
course. It’s so awesome to see!
Then New Year’s Eve was low key. We shoveled some driveways, did
weekly planning, got to know Matilde before she went back to Denmark.
I don’t know if I ever mentioned her, but she was living with the
Howlands for a year as an exchange student. That was two years ago,
and she visits every once in a while. So she came back with the
Howlands when they came back from Denmark. She was at one time on date
for baptism in Denmark while Johny was there, but being a member in
Denmark is crazy crazy hard. She seems to have a desire to learn more,
but she doesn’t want to bother with it until she, possibly moves to
America. But the then for the rest of the day we were with our Zone
playing Basketball and Volleyball, since we had to be in by 6.
Oh and we put Zack Zahler on date for the 30th of this month. Zack is
an awesome 9 year old. His mom is an active member, but his dad isn’t
a member, not interested, but super supportive. There is also Abby,
she’s 11, and when we invited her she said something about trying
other church’s before committing. We talked about if you read the BoM
and pray, then you can know if this church is true or not. They are
such an awesome family. We’re having dinner with them this upcoming
Transfer calls come on Friday. I hope I stay, I love this area so
much, but hey “I’ll go Where you want me to go”
My assumption is that Elder McRae and I stay together here, but we’ll see.

Love y’all
Stay Sweet ✌🏼️
Elder Dolan


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