Glædelig Jul

I don’t think I’ve written anything for like 3 weeks, but hey!
Well, to play some catch up, I finally have a companion that wants to
do work and be obedient! Elder McRae is from St. Augustine, Florida,
which is crazy, because over last spring break when I recieved my call
I was in Florida staying at Dalton Potter’s house (Whom McRae Knows
personally) and I was actually in McRae’s Stake and we also drove down
to St. Augustine the night I got my call (Then Dalton later got called
to the Salt Lake City East mission). Crazy small world.
Well… Um highlights
As a mission we watched “War Room” which is this movie about the power
of prayer and stuff. It was actually really good and pretty funny. We
all got chick-fil-a and the mission rented out a theatre. It was
pretty chill.
We picked up a new investigator. A nine year old named Zak.His Mom is
active, and his father use to be a member and is really supportive and
would like him to be baptized. We’ve gone through two lessons with
We are just about finished with the follow up lesson with Jayden, who
was baptized halfway through last transfer. I love teaching him so
much. He is a tad ADD, so we keep it fast pace and do fun activities
to keep involved. It’s the most I’ve ever enjoyed teaching.
We have been focusing on getting the members independent of the
missionaries. Often member see missionaries as the forefront of the
mission work, when we’re just suppose to be tools. So we’ve been
focusing on getting them members involved with inviting and
testifying. Especially since here in Stansbury’s everyone who’s not
active is kind of threatened by the missionaries. We’ve been using the
video “Reach out with Love” as a pattern for the ward councils to help
them instruct them members.
We went to a seminary morning side and Hank Smith spoke to us (a
guy kind of like John Bytheway) and then my companion and I talked
with him a little bit afterwards- good guy. My favorite quote from him
was “Guy you’ll learn about compromise when you get married. My wife
loves cats. I hate cats. So, we compromised- We got two cats.” His
whole thing is how when Jesus says “be of good cheer” when he’s
walking on water he is stating a commandment, not just a “oh it’s
okay” sort of deal.
So, yah there’s been a lot of stuff- a lot of contacting- a lot of member work.

On Christmas we have a full P-day, so we’re spending it with different
members and we’re actually going to a family’s house to open presents.
Then we have meals lined up and fun activities. It’ll be a great time.

So, I was reading the “Infinite Atonement” the other day (Thanks Mom
and Dad) and I learned something interesting. If you take away the
atonement, Jesus really didn’t do anything exceptionally special. Like
healing people, people did that in the Old Testament and the apostles
did it too. Walking on water? Well, Samuel made a axe head float on
water, so that’s kind of the same concept. Brought people back to
life, refer back to the Old Testament again. But, he was the only one
who was capable to perform the atonement. That’s what the seasons
about. Because of the atonement we can be forgiven and be able to
progress on an eternal scale.

Love you all!
Merry Christmas
Elder Dolan


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