We Thank thee for our Daily Bread

Happy not Thanksgiving, because that was forever ago now. But then
every day should be Thanksgiving. This week was fairly slow, just with
people being out of town and such and having family over. So we ended
up doing quite a bit of service again (my favorite was ripping up tile
and breaking down cabinets and counters) and at the end of the week
did a “Good-bye tour”
On Thanksgiving itself we participated in two Turkey Bowl (my hip was
jacked up by the end of it) we ate with the Griffith Family and hung
out with them for quite a while, then we went to the Durfee’s and I
learned how to jam using pentatonic scales and then we did that for a
few hours. It was a lot of fun. It doesn’t sound like a whole lot, but
it was one of the most fun days on my mission.
But, the end of the week turned to sort of a sad tone. Transfer calls.
We found out that Elder Tune is getting shipped out of Magna, and I’m
staying with an Elder Ian McRae. Which was super terrific news for me.
Not so much for Tune (by the way, I don’t think I ever pointed out- it
is “Toon-eh”). He has been here since May, so he has made a lot of
connections with the Members here. It was really interesting as we
went around to say good-bye to all these people. The whole transfer I
was really irritated with Elder Tune just because we could never leave
the flat before 1 and most of the time we’d actually leave at 4:30 for
dinner. Which drove me crazy and I put some harsh jjudgmentson him,
but something I had noticed is he connected with people really well.
People absolutely love his islander vibe. They fall in love with him
really quick. Then when we did our Good-bye tour it was amazing to see
people’s reactions. A few families actually cried. Like the Mom and
the kids (Dad’s are too tough for that haha). Even with the minimal
working time, he still made a difference in people’s lives and he left
them all with a love for missionaries. Elder Tune is a great guy and
I’m going to miss him.
And I’m excited for Elder McRae. I have been told he is really weird,
but in a cool, fun way, so I’m sure we’ll get along great.

Love y’all
Elder Dolan


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