Call to Serve

It’s been a great fun week!

On Monday I got my first snow! 8-10 inches. After we did our shopping
we went to Elder Tune’s old area and visited some of the people he was
working with. On our way there we stopped and helped push 3 cars up a
hill. It was funny that most of these people had lived in Utah for a
couple of year and yet they weren’t too smart with their snow driving.
With the help of a few shovels and a few pushes, we got them to their
houses in a couple of hours. It was then I realized my P-day shoes
were less than adequate for the cold weather luckily, someone noticed
and gave me both some nice boots (nikes that were experimental, and
not on the market, so that’s cool) and a Columbia jacket that is super
warm. Which was lucky, because we got caught in Tooele until 9 due to
the snow.

Throughout this week we got to help a whole bunch of people put up
Christmas lights, rake leaves, paint their houses, and some other
stuff. The week was definitely focused on service. It was funny, we
were helping one lady rake up her leaves and she mentioned how her son
should be out helping us, but he was inside playing xbox and it made
me think about myself back home. Back home I was a little resistant to
doing yard work and such. Some days I’d be more willing than others,
but on my mission I get so excited to do service. When we pass a house
with leaves in the yard we stop and ask a neighbor for a rake and go
at it. It’s one way that I feel I definitely grown and I hope it is
something that I hope I can retain after my mission.
17 And behold, I tell you these things that ye may learn wisdom; that
ye may learn that when ye are in the service of your fellow beings ye
are only in the service of your God. (Mosiah 2)

We also had a lesson with one of our inactive families today and it
was a great lesson. In the lesson I found out that they have been
meeting with missionaries for a year and they have progressed a lot.
They’ve gotten married, their Freshman daughter is attending seminary,
young women activities, and has been studying the scripture seemingly
diligently. But despite all this progress we are still working with
them to do family prayer/scriptures, and they have only gone to church
6 times this year. I also found out missionaries have never given them
more of a goal than to read, pray, go to church. So I whipped out our
“New and Returning Member Form” and attempted to put them on date. So
this is still an uncommon thing in the world mission field, but our
mission has been testing it for at least a year with great results.
All missions set people up for a date for baptism along with goals
along the way, such as getting missionary lesson and worthiness goals.
Our mission uses the first 7 steps on the new and returning member
form to help returning members see what they need to do and see their
progress. The steps are:
1:Meet with the bishop and discuss worthiness and tithing issue to
prepare for temple worship
2:Males receive Aaronic priesthood, if not already received
3:Attend the Gospel principles class 4 times within 2 months (50% attendance)
4:Attend Sacrament Meeting 4 times within 2 months
5:Receive all 5 missionary discussion
6: Receive a calling in the ward (This one is usually the scariest for people)
7:Start a family group chart (Start genealogy so they have names for the temple)

After this the goals are to go and do proxy baptisms and then get
sealed as a family when ready.

This has been such a blessing to you because it gives people a focus.
They now have something specific they’re shooting for, the temple, and
have steps to get their.
In our lesson, it went as expected, but expectations were low. The
father wants to become active and wants to be sealed, but he just
doesn’t want to do the work, and we didn’t really understand why until
this lesson. The big thing he didn’t want to do was talk to the Bishop
because he didn’t want to have to face the things he had done. He’s
tried blocking them out and now he has to shovel them back up. The
lesson in general was really good, there was some crying and a lot of
testimony bearing, but we realized that we really needed to help them
better understand the Atonement. Sadly we didn’t have much time to get
into it at that point other than just short testimonies, but we will
definitely focus on it next time.

Besides that, I’ve just been trying to work. Doing what I can. I also
got to cut a kid named Brendan Olsen’s hair. He’s 18 and wanted an
undercut- my haircut- and I’ve never cut hair, but he let me do it.
And let me say, I did pretty good (Pride I know, I must repent). I’ll
see if I can get a picture later.

This week is going to be great with Thanksgiving, Turkey Bowl, and
ward parties. I’m sure I’ll have a lot for next week.

Sorry for the length, but I love you all
Watch Living with Purpose: The Importance of “Real Intent” by Randall L. Ridd

Elder Dolan


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