Effulgent Joy

Tuesday was transfers and I FINALLY GOT TRANSFERRED! My last area was
great and the people were awesome, but I just felt like I needed a
change and now here I am, in Stansbury South Stake!
So, Elder Robinson Stayed in Granger East and bumped up the area from
covering 3 wards to covering all 6 english wards in the stake. Haha,
he always complained about how big our area was, and now, size wise,
it’s tripled. Now I’m in Stansbury which is just north of Tooele (for
those unexperienced with mispronunciations of Utahans Too-ill-uh). And
I love it here. I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy on my mission.
We cover a whole stake of 7 wards, which, thus far, has been a blast.
All of the Ward Mission Leaders are awesome people and all seem pretty
dedicated to the work and there have been so many people I’ve met in
the past week. My companion is Elder Tune (Toon-eh) he’s from Kiribati
which is by Fiji in Micronesia (for those keeping track that’s my 4th
Islander comp). He’s super chill, really funny, and a way good
teacher. He connects with people really fast. Him and I are working on
doing a duet of a song with ukuleles for dinner messages. We live in a
member’s basement and they are s fantastic. They are the Howlands and
the day I got here, their son got back from his mission to Denmark.
SIster Howland is originally from Denmark, so it was really exciting
for her to be able to talk to Johny in Danish and he has been showing
picture and her and her sister have been freaking out over memories
from there. They’ve had family over the whole week and have been very
welcoming, so we’ve had a lot of fun with them just talking and stuff.
There were all so two little girls (like 5-7 years old) when I first
saw them one goes “are you the cute missionary” hahaha, now she call
my name all the time “Hey cute missionary! Do you want to see a puppet
show?” Ahh, kids. On that note, we stopped by a Sister Olsen’s house
and Elder Tune was just introducing me and we talked a bit and she
asks “How long until you go home?” “A year n’ a half” “Oh, awesome, so
you should come back in a year and half and marry my daughter”
Hahahaha, as a missionary I’ve had quite a few people suggest I date
people when I go home and it’s just weird. Like as a missionary there
is no correct response. It’s really funny though. I also met the
Siniscalchis. Brother Siniscalchi (Sin-is-caulk-ee) is the one that
picked us up from transfer meeting and I mentioned I had to burn a tie
with my 6 month mark here, so he invited us to come over to burn it.
We did it last night, soaked it in gasoline, and had fun (I’ll see if
I can get the video up). The Siniscalchis are way cool. They’re all
super fantastic and (a quick aside for my mom) mom, they have more
food storage than you! You’re not the only crazy one! 😛
We done a service project just about every day we’ve been here. The
first day here we offered our assistance to the Ploehns who were
moving (just one street over to a nonrental), which was fun of course,
then she asked us to help move all her water storage. 8 55g barrels,
20 5g, and a whole bunch of these two gallon water bricks. That was
fun. We had to take the barrels on a dolly over gravel and curbs and
stuff all the way to their back garage. But I’m super buff, so it was
easy haha. They also grabbed us later to join with 5 other people to
lift their trampoline and just carry it down and around the street to
there new house, that was interesting haha.
There are so many people I could talk about, but it will suffice to
say, the people here are great. So many people here are dentists and
doctors and stuff and some of the have caused me to step back and
reassess my career goals. Everyone here is friendly and everyone wants
to serve somehow it seems. There are so many kids and everyone who
isn’t young in age in definitely young at heart. I. Love. It. Here.

Stay Sweet
Elder Dolan



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