Children’s Song Book #94

It’s been a really slow week. A lot of people canceled on us, but
that’s okay, because it gave us time to contact. Contacting can be
really awkward at times, especially with inactive members. Especially
if the only reason, or excuse, they’re not going to church is because
of work. They have this thought of I’m not inactive, but they’re not
doing anything that an active member would do. So you have to be
really careful how you approach them, make sure you’re not offending
them, but being bold. Such a fun mix.
On my birthday we had a zone conference, as per typical fashion for
me, no one but Elder Robinson knew it was my birthday. It was kind of
funny to see how conflicted he was not being able to tell people. But,
what made him feel better is at zone conferences they sing happy
birthday to everyone who has had a birthday since the last conference,
so I got sang “Happy Birthday” to, on my birthday, without anyone
knowing it was, haha. Our President’s wife did find out soon after
though. To celebrate we went to Texas Roadhouse with some members with
gift cards I received from my loving parents. And soon we should be
burning Elder Robinson’s tie, shirt, pants, and suit, so that’ll be
We got to go to the recently opened Church History Museum earlier this
week with a Member. It was pretty interesting, but Robinson didn’t
care for it too much, and our member is going through chemo, so he
tired pretty quickly. We stay all that long, but it was still nice to
see all of it and get Larry outside the house a little bit. Speaking
of Larry, it’s been really interesting how I’ve had to change. My
whole life if something bad happened I would, for the most part, just
rationalize it into a positive. Which helped me a lot, because it kept
me from getting too down about anything, but on a mission it has made
it more difficult to sympathize. People tell us these problems and in
my head I think of all these solutions, or why it’s a good thing, but
that’s not what people want to hear, they want sympathy, empathy. So
with Larry it’s been an exercise of my empathy muscle. He has cancer,
he’s away from family, 55, single, and is currently trying to get his
temple blessings restored. There’s not much we can do but keep him
company and just say “that sucks”. We’ve hooked him up with a mid
singles ward though, so hopefully the single thing will be fixed soon
enough. He’s an awesome guy and reads a lot a lot about Joseph smith,
so we get have some great conversations.
Besides that, it’s just been a lot of teaching and knocking doors. We
do have one woman on date for baptism who asks all these deep doctrine
questions. She grew up in Utah with a super super super baptist dad.
So she knows all the right questions to ask. Luckily the bible, and
logic, backs up almost all of our teachings. So after 2 quick q&a
lessons she’s super pumped about the church and really want to get
baptized, the only issue is she works on Sunday’s.
For the past P-days we have been doing genealogy at a members home.
It’s actually a lot more fun than I thought it’d be. I’ve been going
through my Dad’s line and have prepared over 15-20 people for
ordinances. We’re going to see if we can get permission from the
president at some point to do temple work on P-days. We typically
aren’t allowed to go but once a quarter, but we suspect if we are
getting the names ourselves it’d be different. We can’t do the
baptisms though, so that’ll be an issue. Do family history, when you
get into it, it’s actually fun.
Other than that, we get transfer call this Saturday. I’ve been in the
same area I was born in For 6 month, so I’m keep my fingers crossed
for some change.

Love you all
Do some good in the world today.

Elder Dolan


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