Broken windows, Getting high, and General Conference

It’s probably been one of my most enjoyable weeks yet! Since Elder
Robinson and I’s little fallout last week we’ve having a lot more fun.
We’re almost always laughing and he’s become a lot more motivated.
We started our new sets of songs in our mission choir. It’s going to
be crazy. One song were doing has 6 parts and another 8 and it sounds
amazing thus far, it’ll be cool when we get to perform it all. I also
broke a window of a office one night earlier this week, so I went and
told them in the morning and they said it’d be like 275+ so I’m
excited for them to get back to me on that, haha, we all make mistakes
right? After District meeting on Friday we all went to the district
leaders apartment to eat and someone decided doing the cinnamon
challenge, I see if I can get some videos up of the three that tried,
it was hilarious. Oh! So we live in a like half basement, like it’s
half a story down, and While I was trying to unlock the door I see
Robinson come after me down the stairs… but still on his bike. As
one could not imagine it didn’t go well and now he has a perfect
circular stab wound in his stomach, bent handle bars, and a broken
pedal. It was super funny, probably more for me than him.

One of the women we’re working with is super interesting. So we’ve
been working with her for a while and one big thing that has been hard
with her his to get her to read. She has like not dyslexia, but
something like it. But when we visited her earlier this week she was
in a super good mood and was telling us how she was painting her room
and she swears she got high off the fumes, so high in fact she decided
to…. Read! Haha, we about lost it when she said that. She read a
fair sized book about families and then hopped into the Book of
Mormon, and then while she was reading her sister walked into her
room, and she hid the BoM. Her sister was like what are you doing and
she said sleeping. Her sister was like with the lights on? Then she
came clean. Haha, it was all just so weird.
We’ve also met a new returning member! Her name is Brooke Philips and
she is golden. She’s a teacher at SLC community college, for like
business and marketing or something like that. She grew up in a strong
LDS family and when she moved out she just kind of fell away, then
about a year ago she married this guy who suffers from PTSD and
because of it drank a lot and eventually got 3 DUIs. So he’s in a
Texas Prison somewhere, but while he’s been there he’s found God and
on their daily calls he told her to go to church. So she came like a
month ago, and we’ve been trying to contact her since. We visited her
on Sunday and she said she had watch Women’s conference, and is
working through the Saturday session of conference and she feels like
it was geared straight towards her, she loved it.

Speaking of General Conference. We had tickets to both morning
session, but for both session the returning members we were taking
bailed… At like 7 in the morning. So we woke up a whole bunch of
people to see of anyone wanted to get ready real quick and take TRAX
downtown real quick like. Saturday, we couldn’t find anyone so we gave
the tickets to someone at the TRAX station and asked them to hand them
out downtown. Speaking of handing out tickets, being in front of the
conference center is the weirdest thing ever. There are so many people
begging for tickets, sometimes they don’t say anything, they just hold
up there fingers for how many they need. You have people with signs
telling you how desperately they need them and stuff. It’s just a
super weird environment, and plus the protestors. I just smiled and
waved at all of them. All of them used some of the dumbest arguments
I’ve ever heard. Nonetheless we got some people to come with us to go
to the Sunday Morning Session. Actually going to conference is super
distracting. I kept watching the camera men run around watching the
authorities behind the speaker and just all the stuff you never see
typically. I’m sure after a few times all that will become less
distracting. And wow. That was one of my favorite conferences. There
were like 5 talks all about the same thing that I really needed to
hear. Nothing to motivate you more the Gen. Conf.
Utah is great, so many weird special opportunities and you get a
completely different perspective of the church.

Love all y’all.
Elder Dolan

Oct 6 -1Oct 6 -2

Oct 6 -3Oct 6 -4


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