Beware of Pride My Boy

Super shaky start to this week, but we ended solid, haha.
After two transfers with someone, there are bound to be some hiccups.
With Elder Robinson he’ll get super trunky like once a week, typically
on Thursdays (which just so happens to be weekly planning) and it’s
something that I’ve just gotten use to. Well this past week, he didn’t
really talk much in lessons on Sunday… Nor Monday, nor Tuesday, nor
Wednesday. So by Thurday I was really irritates. Now the Correct thing
to do would have been, stop and talk and be like yo, what’s up? But I
anticipated a typical response from him, so I didn’t try. So I decided
to do the childish thing- I emulated. Basically by Friday morning
during companionship study he finally asked “…Why haven’t we talked
at all for the past 24 hours?” Haha, so we talked it out figured out
the problem and fixed it. It was funny though, he said on Thursday he
realized I wasn’t initiating conversation like I use to, so out of
pride he didn’t want to do it either. It was a dumb little battle of
prides. Moral of the story, strip yourself of pride. It’s stupid and
causes unnecessary problems.
But Friday on we were joking and getting work done, so it was great!
On Sunday we performed in the mission choir, which we’ve been
practicing for the past two months, once a week. It went over really
well and was a great opportunity to meet more people. We are doing a
professional recording soon and then we’ll be able to send out the
songs so that “even your families can feel your spirit”
Besides that nothing too interesting has happened. We have been
meeting with our SML quite a bit, because Elder Robinson and I are
planning a stake barbecue. It’s aimed at having all our, and the other
companionship within the stake, investigators, returning members, and
current/potential fellow shippers come and be in an atmosphere to
build actual strong friendships. We are looking at a potential of
60-70 investigators/returning members and an upwards of 40-50 active
members, plus like 60 kids. But that’s not counting the other elders
head count, although we suspect we’ll only get a 50% appearance. We
are setting up volleyball, ultimate frisbee, some social board games
like apples to apples, having burgers and hot dogs and then little
activities for the youngins. It’s a lot more planning than we thought,
but there is a huge potential benefit. It goes down October 10.

There the weekly dose of missionary life.
Oh and we almost got in 3 car wrecks this past week, I really don’t
enjoy having members drive us.

Love you all!
Elder Dolan


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