Week 21

Well, Elder Robinson and I have started another transfer together. By
the end of this transfer I will be here for a total of 6 months in the
same area. It’s a weird thought. A 1/4 of my mission will be up soon
and it has all been spent in one place, one apartment, 3 companions.
I’ve really enjoyed getting to know all the people here and recently
we’ve met a lot of really cool people that have a lot of potential.

One family we met recently was L.J., his wife Haley, and both of their
families. So one day we’re walking to go contacting and no one we
visited was home. So we were just standing in the middle of the road
trying to figure out what we were going to do, then Elder Robinson
pointed out a UHAL truck, so we decided to go help. Well there was
L.J. and his friend José and at first they were saying they were good
and they were almost done. But we pressed a little and they asked us
some questions (where we’re from etc.) and then we ended up helping
deconstruct a bed and putting it into the truck along with some other
stuff. Now, there is a weird part to all this and an awesome part. The
weird part was we assumed he was like 28. As we are helping him move I
notice a baby calendar on the fridge, so ask him if he had a baby,
obviously he says yes. Then I ask how old she was. He says “10 months,
yah… We had her straight out of high school” so here’s LJ at 19 has
a baby, a wife, has a new Dodge Charger, new nice apartment, and, I
found out later, has no debt. He’s about my age, but years ahead of
me. Then Elder Robinson felt even more weird, because he’s 21. As a
missionary you just feel like a child compared to everyone. But what
was awesome is LJ invited us over for dinner one night and his and her
families were there and they are just some of the coolest people ever.
LJ and his family is inactive and Haley and her family is like part of
some Dutch Church or something. So out of this little service, we have
8 new people to work with and some good friends.

One thing I absolutely despise about Utah are the drivers. Holy
whackamole. It is the most terrifying thing ever. Mostly the people
who drive us. I’ve been in some many near wrecks, where it’d be our
drivers fault, but! They don’t notice it at all. Today our driver
almost took out a woman and her baby while trying to make a right
turn, and all I could do was wave and mouth out “sorry”. So many just
amazing near misses.

One of the best parts of the week is that Elder Robinson and I are
doing some real workouts now. Each weekday we wake up at 5:45, bike 2
miles to the gym, and then actually get to work out. It’s been a great
way to start our day, but I’ve just been sore the whole week and that
has made biking and walking just terrible. Plus we get to play
racquetball every once in a while.

Love you all!
Psalms 23
Elder Dolan

P.S. Elder Fakatou taught me Tongan
Elder Mahi taught me Samoan
And now Elder Robinson is teaching me stuff like onmamoma [on my mama]
(to swear/promise), finna (about to), and bet (prove it).
I’m so cultured now.


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