Week 19

It’s been a pretty good week. We had two more baptisms and also I got
to perform my first live baptism. It was really anticlimactic, haha.
Get in the water, say the stuff, dip, look at each other, alright
we’re good, go change. I didn’t even get wet above mid thigh haha. But
all in all it was fun. It’s nice to see two people, Brittney and
Wendy, have such a desire to be baptize and it’s been cool to see
their testimonies grow.

But besides that, we taught some lessons, and sat in some meetings,
mowed, did some service, walked, ate at people’s houses…. And yep.
Missionary stuff. Haha. Everything is really repetitious, we only
really have like 5 lessons we teach each person, and we’re suppose to
teach them once each before baptism and then again after. I mean with
each person there are different struggles, but the answer to every
struggle is to just get them to understand the atonement and
understand who they are and why they are here. If everyone truly and
fully understood that things wouldn’t seem to be as big of a deal and
they’d be more confident in trying to change. But, nonetheless, we
must all learn.

I’ve realized there are some little funny things that happen that I
haven’t ever really mentioned.
First off, everyone thinks I’m 14-16, so when they ask how long I’ve
been out and I say 4 months they go, “I thought so”. Though I think
it’s because of my glasses. Someone guessed I was 19 today and it’s
the first time in a month I’ve put my contacts in. Either way, I
apparently have a baby face. Haha, my 2nd month out I went up and bore
my testimony in sacrament and I sat down by a Sister Pentico (very
nice lady we joke around with a lot) and she leans over and goes, “you
know, you’re pretty smart for a 12 year old” haha.
Also apparently I don’t have an accent. Every time I tell people I’m
from Texas they are like “but where’s you’re accent?” I’ve started to
try a Texan accent to assuage people, but it sounds dumber than its
suppose to, so I’m working on it.
Also when people ask where I’m from I usually mess with them a little,
like with Elder Fakatou and Mahi, I would say I’m from Tonga. Now with
Elder Robinson I say Ethiopia haha (He sometimes says Johannesburg,
South Africa) People for the most part  believe me for like a split
second. So that’s kind of fun I guess haha.
Oh and sleeping is really fun. I wake up about ever 1-2 hours. I think
the beds are just super uncomfortable. I’m a hundred percent sure, but
it’s gotten better. In the beginning  I would wake up just about every
30 minutes. Apparently for most Elders it goes down to just once per
night around 6-8 month mark. Elder Robinson and I decided it’s just to
prepares for babies waking up in the middle of the night.
Oh yeah, Robinson is marriage/baby hungry. It’s kind of funny haha. He
only has until February left, 6 months.
Also Elder Robinson and I are at 3-5 at Chess, he’s winning (Thanks
Sam for the chess board haha).

There you have it. There it is. There be my weekly report.
Hope all is well (2 Nephi 28:21&25 Helaman 13:28) with all!
With endearing Love
Elder Dolan



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