Week 18

This past week has been pretty uneventful. I’ve been pushing myself to be more obedient. Not that I was doing anything disobedient, but some days we’d wake up 30 minutes late, we worked out for the first week and half and gave up, we’d miss bedtime by a little. Just small stuff needed some fine tuning. I’ve worked out for a week straight now (except for Sunday) and I’ve actually gone to bed at like 9:30-9:45 (bedtime is 10:30), and I try to pop out of bed as quickly as possible.
So that’s been my fun. We also had a chance to go to the temple with Meliame Sapoi, a member in the ward, for her to get her endowments. The picture I’ve sent of the Tongan with the pigtails is her husband. She is super awesome, she’s always willing to help us and she clicks with the people we teach so quickly. We went to the Salt Lake Temple, which was an interesting experience for me. The temple itself is beautiful, but I don’t know how I feel about the session. It was almost more humorous of an experience than spiritual, haha.
Both Britney and Wendy are doing great. They are both still on date to be baptized this Saturday. It’ll be a busy day, we have two baptisms, two lessons, and a ward barbecue. So that’ll be fun.
We went to a place called Virg’s the other day with our district and zone leaders. We went there because they had a challenge burger that if you finish it, you don’t have to pay for it. None of the other missionaries had anything left, so they figured that would be good motivation, but we got there and found out that you still have to pay no matter what, but you get a chimichanga ice cream. Which seems really dumb, this burger is 10 inches and 2 lbs. of meat. But our Serbian 6’7″ elder was being all cocky about how he could so finish it, so I bet him 10 bucks (the burger cost 20) that he couldn’t do it. I lost 10 bucks. It was worth it I think hahaha. I send the video of him finishing it.
That’s about it I think. Oh, I sang in a Polynesian choir at Stake Conference, but it was okay because if you combine Elder Robinson and I you basically have a poly. But, yep. I think thats all. Elder Robinson and I are getting along well enough. We’re working hard. Getting stuff done.
Something my dear Dad sent me a while back that I just think is so awesome and eloquently put.
“Happiness is not found. It is developed – created – it evolves through wise and gracious use of agency.”
Go create some happiness.
Elder Dolan

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